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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 15 (Ideas in vogue about the Yugs)

jug jug myr srIr kw bwSnw b`Dw AwvY jwvY]
iPr iPr Pyr vtweIAY igAwnI hoie mrm ko pwvY]
siqjug dUjw Brm kr qRyqy ivc jonI iPr AwvY]
qRyqy krmW bWDqy duAwpr iPr Avqwr krwvY]
duAwpr mmqw AhMkwr haumYN AMdr grib glwvY]
iqRhu jugW ky krm kr jnm mrn sMsw n cukwvY]
iPr kiljug AMdr dyh Dr krmW AMdr Pyr vswvY]
Aausr cukw hQ n AwvY ]ñõ]

jug jug maer sureer kaa baashunaa buudhhaa aavai jaavai||
fir fir faer vuttaaeeai giaanee hoe murum ko paavai||
sathijug dhoojaa bhurum kur thraethae vich jonee fir aavai||
thraethae kurumaa(n) baa(n)dhhuthae dhuaapur fir avuthaar kuraavai||
dhuaapur mumuthaa ahu(n)kaar houmai a(n)dhur gurab gulaavai||
thrihu jugaa(n) kae kurum kur junum murun su(n)saa n chukaavai||
fir kalijug a(n)dhur dhaeh dhhur kurumaa(n) a(n)dhur faer vusaavai||
aousur chukaa huthh n aavai ||uu||

Since time immemorial, on account of the bondage of unfulfilled desires, the jiv has been suffering transmigration.
Time and again, the body is changed, but the mystery of this change can be understood by becoming knowledgeable.
Engrossed in duality in satyug, the jiv entered into the body in treta.
Getting caught in karma-bondage in treta he was born in dvapar and remained writhing and wriggling.
Even the performance of the duties of three ages does not dispel the fear of birth and death.
The jiv reincarnates in kaliyug and gets entangled in the karmas.
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