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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri38 Reaching Kartarpur

bwbw AwieAw krqwrpur ByK audwsI sgl auqwrw]
pihr sMswrI kpVy mMjI bYT kIAw Avqwrw]
aultI gMg vhweIEn gur AMgd isr aupr Dwrw]
puqIN kOl n pwilAw mn Koty AwkI nisAwrw]
bwxI muKhu aucwrIAY hoie ruSnweI imtY AMDwrw]
igAwn goS crcw sdw Anhd Sbd auTy Dunkwrw]
sodr AwrqI gwvIAY AMimRq vyly jwp aucwrw]
gurmuK Bwr AQrbx Dwrw ]óø]

baabaa aaeiaa kuruthaarupur bhaekh oudhaasee sugul outhaaraa||
pehir su(n)saaree kupurrae mu(n)jee bait(h) keeaa avuthaaraa||
ouluttee gu(n)g vehaaeeoun gur a(n)gudh sir oupur dhhaaraa||
puthee kuul n paaliaa mun khottae aakee nasiaaraa||
baanee mukhuhu ouchaareeai hoe rushunaaee mittai a(n)dhhaaraa||
giaan gosh churuchaa sudhaa anehudh shubudh out(h)ae dhhunukaaraa||
sodhur aaruthee gaaveeai a(n)mrith vaelae jaap ouchaaraa||
gurumukh bhaar athhurubun dhhaaraa ||uu||

Then Baba (Nanak) returned to Kartarpur where he put aside his attire of a Recluse.
Now putting on a householder’s dress, he sat splendidly on a cot (and executed his mission).
He made the Ganges flow in opposite direction because he choose Angad for heading the people (in preference to his sons).
The sons did not obey the commands and their minds turned hostile and unstable.
When Baba uttered hymns, the light would spread and darkness dispell.
Discussions for the sake of knowledge and the melodies of unstruck sound were ever heard there.
Sodar and Arati were sung and in the ambrosial hours Japu was recited.
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