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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 1 (Invocation)

nmskwr gurdyv ko sqnwmu ijs mMqR suxwXw]
Bvjl iv`coN k`Fky mukiq pdwrQ mWih smwXw]
jnm mrn Bau k`itAw sMsw rog ivjog imtwXw]
sMsw ieh sMswr hY jnm mrn ivc duK sbwXw]
jmdMf isroN n auqrY swkq durjn jnm gvwXw]
crn ghy gurdyv ky siq sbd dy mukiq krwXw]
Bwie Bgq gurpurb kr nwm dwn ieSnwn idRVwXw]
jyhw bIau qyhw Pl pwXw ]ñ]

    (IK) Oankar satigur prasad
    Pauri 1 (mangalalacharan)

    numusukaar gurudhaev ko suthunaam jis mu(n)thr sunaayaa||
    bhuvujul vchio kuudtukae mukath pudhaaruthh maa(n)hi sumaayaa||
    junum murun bho kuattiaa su(n)saa rog vijog mittaayaa||
    su(n)saa eih su(n)saar hai junum murun vich dhukh subaayaa||
    jumudhu(n)dd siro n outhurai saakuth dhurujun junum guvaayaa||
    churun gehae gurudhaev kae sath subudh dhae mukath kuraayaa||
    bhaae bhuguth gurupurub kur naam dhaan eishunaan dhrirraayaa||
    jaehaa beeo thaehaa ful paayaa ||u||

One Oankar, the primal energy, realised through the grace of divine preceptor
Pauri 1 (Invocation)

I bow before the Guru (Guru Nanak Dev) who recited the satinam mantra(for the world).
Getting (the creatures) across the world ocean He raptly merged them in liberation.
He destroyed the fear of transmigration and decimated the malady of doubt and separation.
The world is only illusion which carried with it much of birth, death and sufferings.
The fear of the rod of Yama is not dispelled and the sakts, the followers of the goddess, have lost their lives in vain.
Those who have caught hold of the feet of the Guru have been liberated through the true Word.
Now being full of loving devotion they celebrate the gurprubs (anniversaries of the Gurus) and their acts of rememberance of God, charity and holy ablutions, inspire others also.
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