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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 10
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 5 King Janak

Bgq vfw rwjw jnk hY gurmuK mwXw ivc audwsI]
dyv lok noN cilAw gx gMDrb sBw suKvwsI]
jmpur gieAw pukwr sux ivllwvn jI nrk invwsI]
Drmrwie no AwiKEnu sBnw dI kr bMd KlwsI]
kry bynqI Drmrwie hau syvk Twkur AibnwsI]
gihxy DirAnu iek nwauN pwpW nwl krY inrjwsI]
pwsMg pwp n pujnI gurmuK nwauN Aqul n qulwsI]
nrkhuM Cuty jIAw jMq ktI glhu islk jmPwsI]
mukiq jugiq nwvYN kI dwsI ]õ]

bhuguth vuddaa raajaa junuk hai gurumukh maayaa vich oudhaasee||
dhaev lok no chaliaa gun gu(n)dhhurub subhaa sukhuvaasee||
jumupur gaeiaa pukaar sun vilulaavun jee nuruk nivaasee||
dhhurumuraae no aakhioun subhunaa dhee kur bu(n)dh khulaasee||
kurae baenuthee dhhurumuraae ho saevuk t(h)aakur abinaasee||
gehinae dhharian eik naao paapaa(n) naal kurai nirujaasee||
paasu(n)g paap n pujunee gurumukh naao athul n thulaasee||
nurukuhu(n) shhuttae jeeaa ju(n)th kuttee guluhu siluk jumufaasee||
mukath jugath naavai kee dhaasee ||u||

King Janak was a great saint who amidst maya remained indifferent to it.
Along with gans and gandharvs (calestial musicians) he went to the abode of the gods.
From there, he, hearing the cries of inhabitants of hell, went to them.
He asked the god of death, Dharamrai, to relieve all their suffering.
Hearing this, the god of death told him he was a mere servant of the eternal Lord (and without His orders he could not liberate them).
Janak offered a part of his devotion and remembrance of the name of the Lord.
All the sins of hell were found not equal even to the counterweight of balance.
In fact no balance can weigh the fruits of recitation and remembrance of the Lords name by the gurmukh.
All the creatures got liberated from hell and the noose of death was cut. Liberation and the technique of attaining it are the servants of the name of the Lord. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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