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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 10
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 9 Sudama

ibp sudwmw dwldI bwl sKweI imqR sdwey]
lwgU hoeI bwmHxI iml jgdIs dildR gvwey]
cilAw igxdw gtIAW kÎoN kr jweIey kOx imlwey]
phuqw ngr duAwrkw isMG duAwr Kloqw jwey]
dUrhuM dyK fMfauq kr C`f isMGwsx hir jI Awey]
pihly dy prdKxw pYrIN pY ky lY gl lwey]
crxodk lY pYr Doie iSMGwsx aupr bYTwey]
puCy kusl ipAwr kr gur syvw dI kQw suxwey]
lYky qMdl cibEn ivdw kry Agy phucwey]
cwr pdwrQ skuc pTwey ]ù]
bip sudhaamaa dhaaludhee baal sukhaaee mithr sudhaaeae||
laagoo hoee baamuunee mil jugudhees dhalidhr guvaaeae||
chaliaa ginudhaa gutteeaaa(n) kuo kur jaaeeeae kuun milaaeae||
puhuthaa nugur dhuaarukaa si(n)gh dhuaar khulothaa jaaeae||
dhooruhu(n) dhaekh ddu(n)ddouth kur shhuudd si(n)ghaasun har jee aaeae||
pehilae dhae purudhukhunaa pairee pai kae lai gul laaeae||
churunodhuk lai pair dhhoe shi(n)ghaasun oupur bait(h)aaeae||
pushhae kusul piaar kur gur saevaa dhee kuthhaa sunaaeae||
laikae thu(n)dhul chabioun vidhaa kurae agae puhuchaaeae||
chaar pudhaaruthh sukuch put(h)aaeae ||u||

Sudama, a poor brahman, was known to be a friend of Krishna from childhood.
His brahmin wife always pestered him as to why he did not go to Lord Krishna to alleviate his poverty.
He was perplexed and pondered over how he could get re-introduced to Krishna, who could help him meet the Lord.
He reached the town of Duaraka and stood before the main gate (of the palace of Krishna).
Seeing him from a distance, Krishna, the Lord, bowed and leaving his throne came to Sudama.
First he circumambulated around Sudama and then touching his feet he embraced him.
Washing his feet he took that water and made Sudama sit on the throne.
Then Krishna lovingly enquired about his welfare and talked about the time when they were together in the service of the guru (Sandipani).
Krishna asked for the rice sent by Sudama’s wife and after eating, came out to see off his friend Sudama.
Though all the four boons (righteousness,wealth,fulfillment of desire and libereation) were given to Sudama by Krishna, Krishna's humbleness still made him feel totally helpless. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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