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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 10
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 3 Bali, the king

bil rwjw Gir AwpxY AMdr bYTw jg krwvY]
bwvx rUpI AwieAw cwr byd muK pwT suxwvY]
rwjy AMdr sidAw mMg suAwmI jo quD BwvY]
ACl Clx quDu AwieAw SukR prohq kih smJwvY]
krO AFweI Driq mMg ipChuM dy iqRhu loA n mwvY]
duie krvw kr iqMn loA bilrwjw lY mgru imxwvY]
bl Cl Awp ClwieAn hoie dXwl imlY gl lwvY]
idqw rwj pqwl dw hoie ADIn Bgq js gwvY]
hoie drvwn mhW suKu pwvY ]ó]

bal raajaa ghar aapunai a(n)dhur bait(h)aa jug kuraavai||
baavun roopee aaeiaa chaar baedh mukh paat(h) sunaavai||
raajae a(n)dhur sadhiaa mu(n)g suaamee jo thudhh bhaavai||
ashhul shhulun thudhh aaeiaa shukr purohuth kehi sumujhaavai||
kuru adtaaee dhhurath mu(n)g pishhuhu(n) dhae thrihu loa n maavai||
dhue kuruvaa kur thi(n)n loa baliraajaa lai mugur minaavai||
bul shhul aap shhulaaeian hoe dhuyaal milai gul laavai||
dhithaa raaj puthaal dhaa hoe adhheen bhuguth jus gaavai||
hoe dhuruvaan mehaa(n) sukh paavai ||u||

Bali, the king, was busy in performing a yajna in his palace.
A low stature dwarf in the form of brahmin came there reciting all the four Vedas.
The king after calling him in asked him to demand anything he liked.
Immediately priest Sukracharya made the king (Bali) understand that he (the beggar) is undeceivable God and He had came to delude him.
The dwarf demanded two and half steps length of earth (which was granted by the king).
Then the dwarf expanded his body so much that now the three worlds were insufficient for him.
Even knowing this deception Bali allowed himself to be deceived so, and seeing this Vishnu embraced him.
When he covered the three worlds in two steps, for third half-step king Bali offered his own back.
Bali was given the kingdom of the netherworld where surrendering to God he engaged himself in the loving devotion of the Lord. Vishnu was delighted to be the doorkeeper of Bali. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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