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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 10
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 7 Vidur and Duryodhan

AwieAw suixAw ibdr dy boly durjoDn hoie ruKw]
Gr Aswfy C`fky goly dy Gr jwih ik suKw]
BIKm dRoxw krn qj sBw sINgwr vfy mwnuKw]
jugI jwie vlwiEn sbnW dy jIA AMdr DuKw]
hs boly Bgvwn jI suxho rwjw hoie snmuKw]
qyry Bwau n idseI myry nwhIN Apdw duKw]
Bwau ijvyhw ibdr dy horI dy icq cwau n cuKw]
goivMd Bwau Bgq dw BuKw ]÷]
aaeiaa suniaa bidhur dhae bolae dhurujodhhun hoe rukhaa||
ghur asaaddae shhuuddukae golae dhae ghur jaahi k sukhaa||
bheekhum dhronaa kurun thuj subhaa seegaar vuddae maanukhaa||
jugee jaae vulaaouin subunaa(n) dhae jeea a(n)dhur dhhukhaa||
hus bolae bhuguvaan jee suneho raajaa hoe sunumukhaa||
thaerae bhaao n dhisee maerae naahee apudhaa dhukhaa||
bhaao jivaehaa bidhur dhae horee dhae chith chaao n chukhaa||
govi(n)dh bhaao bhuguth dhaa bhukhaa ||u||

Hearing that Lord Krishan was served and stayed over at humble Bidar's home, Duryodhan remarked sarcastically.
Leaving our grand palaces, how much happiness and comfort did you attain in the home of a servant?
You gave up even Bhikhaum, Dohna and Karan who are recognised as great men who are adorned in all courts.
We have all been anguished to find that you have lived in a hut”.
Then smilingly, Lord Krishan asked the King to come forward and to listen carefully.
I see no love and devotion in you (and hence I have not come to you).
No heart I see has even a fraction of the love that Bidar bears in his heart.
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