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Emancipation ( MUKTI)

1. Libertion from bondage is upon Thy Will, None else can tell. If one were so foolish as to say he knows, "Tis he who gets the blows. (Jap, M. 1)

2. O my crazy mind, there are myriads of pilgrim-stations to bathe, and myriads of gods to worship. But one is redeemed not thus: one is emancipated only through the service of the Lord. (Gauri Poorbi Kabirji)

3. If one enshrines the Lord in the Mind, he is emancipated even while alive. And looking Godwards, he Merges in the Lord's Truth.

4. The egg of superstition has burst: my mind is Illumined, And the fetters of (my mind's) feet are sundered: lo, I'm Emancipated by the Guru. Ceased now have coming and going. And the frying Pan (of the heart) has cooled with the Guru-given cooling Elixir of the Name. (Maru M. 5)

5. He, who is affected neither by joy nor sorrow and looks upon friend and foe as one; And praise to him I as is dispraise, and gold as good as iron. He, saith Nanak, is emancipated: he alone is the released one. (Shlokas of M. 9)

6. Wheresoever He keeps us, is the house of Emancipation, And whatever He makes us utter, that, indeed is His blessed Name. (2)
Wherever the Saints seat at their Feet, that place is holy: (1)
And, wherever is the Lord's Name Uttered, that place is a Paradise. (Ramkali M. 5)

7. The Wise one craves not any moe for Emancipation and dispels the throughts even of heaven. (Maru M. 5)

8. He who looks like on pleasure and pain, As is gold for him, so the dust, As is poison, so nectar; As is honour, so dishonour. As is the king for him, so the beggar And who finds his way in the working of God's will.

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