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1. Thus thinketh Nanak, the lowliest of the lowly, Sacrifice am I unto Thee a myriad times, O Holy, That what Pleaseth Thee is the only good done, O Thou, the Eternal, the Formless One. (Japu M. 1)

2. The lowliest of the lowly, the lowest of the low-born, Nanak seeks their company. The friensship of the great is vain. For, where the weak are cared for, there doth Thy Mercy rain. (Sri Rag M. 1)

3. He, who takes himself to be the lowest of the lowly, He alone is the highest of the high. He, whose mind is humble like the dust, He alone Worships the Lord in his heart. 
(Gauri Sukhmani M. 5)

4. The Wise of the Lord gathers Poverty in his mind And, seeks pleasure in doing good. (Ibid)

5. He, in whose heart is the pride of good deeds, He, forsure, dies to go the Round again and again. He, in whose heart is the pride of wealth and lands, Is a blind fool, void of Wisdom. He, who is blessed with humility by the Lord's Grace; Obtains Deliverance here, and Peace Hereafter. (Ibid)

6. He who tries to climb high, falls into the pit of the underworld, But he who (n humility) lies prostrate on the ground, him Time devours not. (Asa M. 5 Ikutakas)

7. Such are the thoughts that Nanak, the lowliest of all, proclaims in all humility! (Asa M. 1)

8. The Simmal tree, thick and shooting up, arrow-like, into the high, If to it some one comes with hope, one goes away dismayed, but why? (For) if in the balance one weighs a thing, that which is heavier along touches down. A sinner bows down twice as much, as does the hunter of the deer. So, mere bowing-down of the head is no avail, if the heart be impure. (Asa M. 1)

9. Humility for me is the Mace: My double-edged dagger is to be the Dust for all men to tread upon. The Perfect Guru has blest me with this Wisdom: That no evil-doer can face these weapons. (Sorath M. 5)

10. Let my mind be like the Dust treaded over all, and let me shed the consciousness of Ego. O compassionate Lord, Bless me with Thy Devotion that by great, good fortune, I attain unto Thee. (Kedara M. 5)

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