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1. Nights, Days, Seasons, Air, Water, Fire, the Nether-Regions: In their midst is the Earth set, As Dharma's, the Law's seat. Habitated by different peoples, beings, species, Of various kinds, forms, qualities: Are judged onw hat their Actions be, By Him, the True One, Whose Court is True. (Japu, M. 1)

2. Says Nanak, "That alone happens what He Wills; for nothing is in the hands of man." (Sri Rag M. 1)

3 (In the thyself are) the Ships, the Cities, the Fortress, and the Huts where the Trade is of Truth alone. The Collyrium of Knowledge dispels all fear, and one Sees the Pure One in His Love. 
(Sri Rag M. 1)

4. Everyone is high, not one sems low to me; For, He, the only Potter, has made all Vessels; from His Light is the light of the three Worlds. (Sri Rag M. 1)

5. O worshipper of power, know yo not your worth? Of (mother's - blood and father's sperm are you made and will one day be made over to the fire. (Sri Rag, M. 1)

6. I am the Warrior of God, Meeting with the Guru, the Plume of my Headgear flutters. The Audience has assembled. And, lo, the Creator Himself Watches me (wrestle). The Bugles shriek, the Drums ae beat; The Wrestlers have entered into the Tourney, and circle about, See, how the Five Furies I trounce and humble, For the Guru's Hand is at my back. (Sri Rag M. 5)

7. When the life is ripe, it breaks with a click, and is destroyed; how can then one be proud of mere coming and going? (Sri Rag M. 1)

8. All mine enemies ae now my friends, (For), I have lobed only the One who is my Lord and Master. 
(Majh, M. 5)

9. Thou art here, Thou art Hereafter; All the creatures are Thy Own Creation. 
(Majh M. 5)

10. Within this body are vistas vast. (In it is) the Immeculate Name, Infinite and Unfathomable. 
(Majh M. 3, Ashtapadis)

11. Neither the kings, nor the subjects, nor the chiefs will remain, Neither the cities, nor the streets, nor the shops, by His Will. The fool thinks the solid and beautiful mansions will remain his. (But know ye that) the treasures, full of wealth, are emptied in a moment. The horses, chariots, camels, elephants and their coats of iron; Gardens, lands, houses, tents, Niwar-beds, screens of satin, O, which of these is thine?

Nanak: The Beneficent Lord alone is True, and He is revealed through His Nature. (Var Majh, M. 1)
12. Whom shall I call the other, when there is no one other than the Lord? He, the Immaculate One, Pervades all, all over. It is the Evil mind that speaks of the Other, And thus comes and goes, thinking (ever) of Duality: I see not the Other, over the earth or the skies, Nor in man, nor in woman, nor in any other beings. I see the Light of the lamps, the sun and the moon, And, within them all, I See my ever-young Spouse. The ways are two, but the Lord (of both) is one: (O man), Realize this through His Will, through the Word. 

(Gauri M. 1)
13. When man looks upon another as evil, Then the Net is cast for him by all. When he sheds his 'mine and thine', Then no one is his foe, nor any Separate from him. (Rag Gauri Guareri M. 5)

14. He, who casts away the evil of his mind, He alone will look upon the whole creation as his friend. 
(Gauri Sukhmani M. 5)

15. The Wise of the Lord is for ever unattached, Like the lotus that abides detached in water. The Wise of the Lord is free of evil, Like the sun that warms every one alike. The Wise of the Lord looks upon all alike Like the wind that wves alike for the beggar and the king. (Gauri, Sukhmani, M. 5)

16. The Wise of the Lord has even patience, Like the earth is to the digger and the one who plasters it with the scented paste. The Wise of the Lord has Merits Like fire whose poised nature is to warm all alike. The Wise of the Lord is the Purest of the pure, Like water which gathers not dirt to itself. The Wise of the Lord is Illumined in mind, Like the clear blue sky that vaults over the earth. The Wise of the Lord has Merits Like fire whose poised nature is to warm all alike. The Wise of the Lord treats the friend and foe alike, (For), the Wise of the Lord has lost his ego. The Wise of the Lord is the Highest of the high, But he, in his mind, is the loliest of the lowly. But, he alone gathers the Wisdom of the Lord. (Gauri Sukhmani, M. 5)

17. All places are God's, all people, As they house Him, so do they name Him. 
(Gauri Sukhmani, M. 5)

18. Say ye, what can a mere man do? 'Tis the Lord who Does what He Wills. If it lay in a man's hands, he would grab all, But he can do only what the Lord commands. (Ashtapadi Gauri Bavan, M. 5)

19. The Nectar-Name of the Lord is to me the nine treasures; And its Seat is in the human body itself. 
(Ashtapadi Gauri-Sukhmani M. 5)

20. The man of riches is blind and deaf. For, he hearkens not to the Word, his mind being filled with the noise (of riches). (Var of Gauri M 4) will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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