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God of kings


God of Kings


Preserved by God


Victory for Supreme God

Bhupinderpreet Love for Supreme God
Bhupraaj King of kings
Bhushan Ornaments
Bikram Valour
Bikramjit Victory for valour
Bikrampreet Love for valour
Bikramdeep Valour of light
Bikrampaal Perserver of valour
Binal Pure
Binwant Full of modesty
Binwantpreet Love of modesty
Binwantveer Modest brave
Binwantjeet Modest victor
Binwantpal Fosterer of modesty
Bindu A drop, a dot
Bir Brave
Bir Bahadur Very Brave
Birinder Lord of braves
Birpaal Fosterer of the braves
Birprem Love for the brave
Bishan Pure God, Vishnu
Bishanpreet Love for pure God
Bishanjeet Victory for pure God
Bishanpaal Fostered by God
Bashinder Pure God
Bodh Learned
Bodhraj Learned King
Boharh Banyan Tree
Bota The Camel
Brahamaa Supreme God
Brahama Lord Brahama
Brahamdev Supreme God
Brahamjeet Victor of God
Brahamdeep Light of God
Brahamjit Victory of God
Brahamleen Engrossed in God
Brahamanand Supreme joy
Brahampreet Love for God
Brahampaal God fosterer
Brahamsarup God appearance
Budh Wisdom
Budhjeet Victor of wisdom
Love for wisdom
Budhwaan Wise
Budhwant Learned
Budhjiwan Wise life
Budhjot Light of Wisdom
Budhjoti Light of Wisdom


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