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Shabad Hazaraay

sUhI mhlw 1 ]

soohee mehlaa 1.

Soohee, First Mehl:

kaux qrwjI kvxu qulw qyrw kvxu srwPu bulwvw ]

ka-un taraajee kavan tulaa tayraa kavan saraaf bulaavaa.

What scale, what weights, and what assayer shall I call for You, Lord?

kauxu gurU kY pih dIiKAw lyvw kY pih mulu krwvw ]1]

ka-un guroo kai peh deekhi-aa layvaa kai peh mul karaavaa. ||1||

From what guru should I receive instruction? By whom should I have Your value appraised? ||1||

myry lwl jIau qyrw AMqu n jwxw ]

mayray laal jee-o tayraa ant na jaanaa.

O my Dear Beloved Lord, Your limits are not known.

qUM jil Qil mhIAil Birpuir lIxw qUM Awpy srb smwxw ]1] rhwau ]

tooN jal thal mahee-al bharipur leenaa tooN aapay sarab samaanaa. ||1|| rahaa-o.

You pervade the water, the land, and the sky; You Yourself are All-pervading. ||1||Pause||

mnu qwrwjI icqu qulw qyrI syv srwPu kmwvw ]

man taaraajee chit tulaa tayree sayv saraaf kamaavaa.

Mind is the scale, consciousness the weights, and the performance of Your service is the appraiser.

Gt hI BIqir so shu qolI ien ibiD icqu rhwvw ]2]

ghat hee bheetar so saho tolee in biDh chit rahaavaa. ||2||

Deep within my heart, I weigh my Husband Lord; in this way I focus my consciousness. ||2||

Awpy kMfw qolu qrwjI Awpy qolxhwrw ]

aapay kandaa tol taraajee aapay tolanhaaraa.

You Yourself are the balance, the weights and the scale; You Yourself are the weigher.

Awpy dyKY Awpy bUJY Awpy hY vxjwrw ]3]

aapay daykhai aapay boojhai aapay hai vanjaaraa. ||3||

You Yourself see, and You Yourself understand; You Yourself are the trader. ||3||

AMDulw nIc jwiq prdysI iKnu AwvY iqlu jwvY ]

anDhulaa neech jaat pardaysee khin aavai til jaavai.

The blind, low class wandering soul, comes for a moment, and departs in an instant.

qw kI sMgiq nwnku rhdw ikau kir mUVw pwvY ]4]2]9]

taa kee sangat naanak rahdaa ki-o kar moorhaa paavai. ||4||2||9||

In its company, Nanak dwells; how can the fool attain the Lord? ||4||2||9|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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