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Bhai Jiun Singh Parupkart

Bhai Jiun Singh Parupkart (1884-1921), was the son of Bhai Pahu Mall of Gujrariwala district. His original name was Jiun Mall. In 1902 he, listening to the preachings of Bhai Mill Singh Garmula, went through the rites of Khalsa pahul and became Jiun Singh. He shifted to Lyallpur town (now Faisalabad in Pakistan) where he set up a small provisions shop. He learnt Gurmukhi and committed to memory several passages from the Guru Granth Sahib and a few Vars from Bhai Gurdas. He regularly attended the local Gurdwara where he joined the morning choir to recite Asa ki Var. Jiun Singh made himself very popular for his honesty and polite manner and his earnestness in being of help to others.
These qualities earned him the epithet parupkdn, one who delighted in being of help to others.

To a call from Jathedar Kartar Singh Jhabbar and Bhai Lachhman Singh for the liberation of the holy shrines at Nankana Sahib, particularly GurdwaraJanam Asthan, then controlled by the dissolute Udasi Mahant Narain Das, he responded with ready enthusiasm. Although under the orders of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, the entire operation had been called off, the news did not reach Bhai Lachhman Singh and his men and they all met with a cruel death at the hands of Mahant Narain Das and his hired killers. Likewise, Bhai Jiun Singh missed the signal from Amritsar. He was waylaid in the vicinity of Sri Nankana Sahib and was shot down.

Other stories here tell of the Jatha receiving the word that the operation had been cancelled, but they continued under the believe that an action started had to be completed.

Reference: Shamsher, Gurbakhsh Singh, Shahidi Jivan. Nankana Sahib, 1938.

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