Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Sikh Missionary Tract Society Malaya

Sikh Missionary Tract Society, Malaya was established in 1941 at Singapore. It was reactivated after having remained dormant during the war in the east, was registered on 9 March 1940, with its offices at 175, Queen Street, Singapore. Founder was Bhag Singh, an English teacher admired in local community for his mastery of Sikh music. The society aimed at spread of knowledge about Sikhism and propagation of Gurbani, providing especially opportunities for Sikh children to learn Punjabi. During the first year of its existence, it published, for free distribution, a total of 26,000 copies of tracts on Sikhism in Punjabi, English and Tamil. Between 1946 and 1965 it had published 100,000 copies covering thirty titles including two in Chinese language, written by eminent Sikh scholars such as Teja Singh, professor Puran Singh and Dr. Ganda Singh, these tracts were widely circulated.

The society also engaged preachers who travelled throughout Malaya making speeches at public meetings. Punjabi classes were held for Sikh children, introducing them to Sikh Scriptural texts.

The society still operatres though its activity is now restricted in singapore.


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