Saturday, November 25, 2017
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Kataru And Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Mahraaj

One Kataru, the King's weighman, came from Kabul to pay his respects to Guruji. When he solicied instruction from Guru Arjan Dev Ji, he was told to use just weights and discharge his duties honestly (kirat karni). When he returned to his office in Kabul, a bania, or petty shopkeeper, with evil and malicious intent, placed in his shop a false weight, which he unknowingly started using.

The bania, went to the king to lay information against Kataru. The King proposed to inspect the weighing apparatus, and Kataru, hearing this, prayed(did ardaas) to Guru Arjan Dev Ji Mahraaj to protect him. Guru Ji, who was in Amritsar at the time, knew of Kataru's distress.

At that moment a poor sikh came to Guru Ji, with a small offering of five paise. Guru Ji took the coins and passed them from one hand to the other simultaneously with the king's inspection, so when the king tried both scales, the weights appeared correct.

The King of Kabul was satisfied with his inspection.

Guru Ji then explained the meaning of his act to an inquiring sikh

The moral of the story: Wherever you are, and whatever situation you are in, if you bow down before the king of kings and ask for his help. He will take your problems on himself and do everything in his power to help you, because that is his innate nature.


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