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Slok Mehlaa Nauvan

ijih ibiKAw sglI qjI lIE ByK bYrwg ]

jihi bikhi-aa saglee tajee lee-o bhaykh bairaag.

One who has forsaken all sin and corruption, who wears the robes of neutral detachment

khu nwnk sunu ry mnw iqh nr mwQY Bwgu ]17]

kaho naanak sun ray manaa tih nar maathai bhaag. ||17||

- says Nanak, listen, mind: good destiny is written on his forehead. ||17||

ijih mwieAw mmqw qjI sB qy BieE audwsu ]

jihi maa-i-aa mamtaa tajee sabh tay bha-i-o udaas.

One who renounces Maya and possessiveness and is detached from everything

khu nwnk sunu ry mnw iqh Git bRhm invwsu ]18]

kaho naanak sun ray manaa tih ghat barahm nivaas. ||18||

- says Nanak, listen, mind: God abides in his heart. ||18||

ijih pRwnI haumY qjI krqw rwmu pCwin ]

jihi paraanee ha-umai tajee kartaa raam pachhaan.

That mortal, who forsakes egotism, and realizes the Creator Lord

khu nwnk vhu mukiq nru ieh mn swcI mwnu ]19]

kaho naanak vahu mukat nar ih man saachee maan. ||19||

- says Nanak, that person is liberated; O mind, know this as true. ||19||

BY nwsn durmiq hrn kil mY hir ko nwmu ]

bhai naasan durmat haran kal mai har ko naam.

In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, the Name of the Lord is the Destroyer of fear, the Eradicator of evil-mindedness.

inis idnu jo nwnk BjY sPl hoih iqh kwm ]20]

nis din jo naanak bhajai safal hohi tih kaam. ||20||

Night and day, O Nanak, whoever vibrates and meditates on the Lord's Name, sees all of his works brought to fruition. ||20||

ijhbw gun goibMd Bjhu krn sunhu hir nwmu ]

jihbaa gun gobind bhajahu karan sunhu har naam.

Vibrate with your tongue the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe; with your ears, hear the Lord's Name.

khu nwnk suin ry mnw prih n jm kY Dwm ]21]

kaho naanak sun ray manaa pareh na jam kai Dhaam. ||21||

Says Nanak, listen, man: you shall not have to go to the house of Death. ||21||

jo pRwnI mmqw qjY loB moh AhMkwr ]

jo paraanee mamtaa tajai lobh moh ahaNkaar.

That mortal who renounces possessiveness, greed, emotional attachment and egotism

khu nwnk Awpn qrY Aaurn lyq auDwr ]22]

kaho naanak aapan tarai a-uran layt uDhaar. ||22||

- says Nanak, he himself is saved, and he saves many others as well. ||22||

ijau supnw Aru pyKnw AYsy jg kau jwin ]

ji-o supnaa ar paykhnaa aisay jag ka-o jaan.

Like a dream and a show, so is this world, you must know.

ien mY kCu swco nhI nwnk ibnu Bgvwn ]23]

in mai kachh saacho nahee naanak bin bhagvaan. ||23||

None of this is true, O Nanak, without God. ||23||

inis idnu mwieAw kwrny pRwnI folq nIq ]

nis din maa-i-aa kaarnay paraanee dolat neet.

Night and day, for the sake of Maya, the mortal wanders constantly.

kotn mY nwnk koaU nwrwienu ijh cIiq ]24]

kotan mai naanak ko-oo naaraa-in jih cheet. ||24||

Among millions, O Nanak, there is scarcely anyone, who keeps the Lord in his consciousness. ||24|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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