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Slok Mehlaa Nauvan

jnm jnm Brmq iPirE imitE n jm ko qRwsu ]

janam janam bharmat firi-o miti-o na jam ko taraas.

Mortals wander lost and confused through countless lifetimes; their fear of death is never removed.

khu nwnk hir Bju mnw inrBY pwvih bwsu ]33]

kaho naanak har bhaj manaa nirbhai paavahi baas. ||33||

Says Nanak, vibrate and meditate on the Lord, and you shall dwell in the Fearless Lord. ||33||

jqn bhuqu mY kir rihE imitE n mn ko mwnu ]

jatan bahut mai kar rahi-o miti-o na man ko maan.

I have tried so many things, but the pride of my mind has not been dispelled.

durmiq isau nwnk PiDE rwiK lyhu Bgvwn ]34]

durmat si-o naanak faDhi-o raakh layho bhagvaan. ||34||

I am engrossed in evil-mindedness, Nanak. O God, please save me! ||34||

bwl juAwnI Aru ibriD Puin qIin AvsQw jwin ]

baal ju-aanee ar biraDh fun teen avasthaa jaan.

Childhood, youth and old age - know these as the three stages of life.

khu nwnk hir Bjn ibnu ibrQw sB hI mwnu ]35]

kaho naanak har bhajan bin birthaa sabh hee maan. ||35||

Says Nanak, without meditating on the Lord, everything is useless; you must appreciate this. ||35||

krxo huqo su nw kIE pirE loB kY PMD ]

karno huto so naa kee-o pari-o lobh kai fanDh.

You have not done what you should have done; you are entangled in the web of greed.

nwnk simE rim gieE Ab ikau rovq AMD ]36]

naanak sami-o ram ga-i-o ab ki-o rovat anDh. ||36||

Nanak, your time is past and gone; why are you crying now, you blind fool? ||36||

mnu mwieAw mY rim rihE inksq nwihn mIq ]

man maa-i-aa mai ram rahi-o niksat naahin meet.

The mind is absorbed in Maya - it cannot escape it, my friend.

nwnk mUriq icqR ijau Cwifq nwihn BIiq ]37]

naanak moorat chitar ji-o chhaadit naahin bheet. ||37||

Nanak, it is like a picture painted on the wall - it cannot leave it. ||37||

nr cwhq kCu Aaur AaurY kI AaurY BeI ]

nar chaahat kachh a-or a-urai kee a-urai bha-ee.

The man wishes for something, but something different happens.

icqvq rihE Tgaur nwnk PwsI gil prI ]38]

chitvat rahi-o thaga-ur naanak faasee gal paree. ||38||

He plots to deceive others, O Nanak, but he places the noose around his own neck instead. ||38||

jqn bhuq suK ky kIey duK ko kIE n koie ]

jatan bahut sukh kay kee-ay dukh ko kee-o na ko-ay.

People make all sorts of efforts to find peace and pleasure, but no one tries to earn pain.

khu nwnk suin ry mnw hir BwvY so hoie ]39]

kaho naanak sun ray manaa har bhaavai so ho-ay. ||39||

Says Nanak, listen, mind: whatever pleases God comes to pass. ||39||

jgqu iBKwrI iPrqu hY sB ko dwqw rwmu ]

jagat bhikhaaree firat hai sabh ko daataa raam.

The world wanders around begging, but the Lord is the Giver of all.

khu nwnk mn ismru iqh pUrn hovih kwm ]40]

kaho naanak man simar tih pooran hoveh kaam. ||40||

Says Nanak, meditate in remembrance on Him, and all your works will be successful. ||40|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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