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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 08 Pauree 7-8


bRhm igAwnI kI kImiq nwih ]

barahm gi-aanee kee keemat naahi.

The God-conscious being cannot be appraised.

bRhm igAwnI kY sgl mn mwih ]

barahm gi-aanee kai sagal man maahi.

The God-conscious being has all within his mind.

bRhm igAwnI kw kaun jwnY Bydu ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa ka-un jaanai bhayd.

Who can know the mystery of the God-conscious being?

bRhm igAwnI kau sdw Adysu ]

barahm gi-aanee ka-o sadaa adays.

Forever bow to the God-conscious being.

bRhm igAwnI kw kiQAw n jwie ADwK´ru ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa kathi-aa na jaa-ay aDhaakh-yar.

The God-conscious being cannot be described in words.

bRhm igAwnI srb kw Twkuru ]

barahm gi-aanee sarab kaa thaakur.

The God-conscious being is the Lord and Master of all.

bRhm igAwnI kI imiq kaunu bKwnY ]

barahm gi-aanee kee mit ka-un bakhaanai.

Who can describe the limits of the God-conscious being?

bRhm igAwnI kI giq bRhm igAwnI jwnY ]

barahm gi-aanee kee gat barahm gi-aanee jaanai.

Only the God-conscious being can know the state of the God-conscious being.

bRhm igAwnI kw AMqu n pwru ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa ant na paar.

The God-conscious being has no end or limitation.

nwnk bRhm igAwnI kau sdw nmskwru ]7]

naanak barahm gi-aanee ka-o sadaa namaskaar. ||7||

O Nanak, to the God-conscious being, bow forever in reverence. ||7||

bRhm igAwnI sB isRsit kw krqw ]

barahm gi-aanee sabh sarisat kaa kartaa.

The God-conscious being is the Creator of all the world.

bRhm igAwnI sd jIvY nhI mrqw ]

barahm gi-aanee sad jeevai nahee martaa.

The God-conscious being lives forever, and does not die.

bRhm igAwnI mukiq jugiq jIA kw dwqw ]

barahm gi-aanee mukat jugat jee-a kaa daataa.

The God-conscious being is the Giver of the way of liberation of the soul.

bRhm igAwnI pUrn purKu ibDwqw ]

barahm gi-aanee pooran purakh biDhaataa.

The God-conscious being is the Perfect Supreme Being, who orchestrates all.

bRhm igAwnI AnwQ kw nwQu ]

barahm gi-aanee anaath kaa naath.

The God-conscious being is the helper of the helpless.

bRhm igAwnI kw sB aUpir hwQu ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa sabh oopar haath.

The God-conscious being extends his hand to all.

bRhm igAwnI kw sgl Akwru ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa sagal akaar.

The God-conscious being owns the entire creation.

bRhm igAwnI Awip inrMkwru ]

barahm gi-aanee aap nirankaar.

The God-conscious being is himself the Formless Lord.

bRhm igAwnI kI soBw bRhm igAwnI bnI ]

barahm gi-aanee kee sobhaa barahm gi-aanee banee.

The glory of the God-conscious being belongs to the God-conscious being alone.

nwnk bRhm igAwnI srb kw DnI ]8]8]

naanak barahm gi-aanee sarab kaa Dhanee. ||8||8||

O Nanak, the God-conscious being is the Lord of all. ||8||8|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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