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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 18 Pauree 1-2

sloku ]



 siq purKu ijin jwinAw siqguru iqs kw nwau ]

sat purakh jin jaani-aa satgur tis kaa naa-o.

The one who knows the True Lord God, is called the True Guru.

 iqs kY sMig isKu auDrY nwnk hir gun gwau ]1]

tis kai sang sikh uDhrai naanak har gun gaa-o. ||1||

In His Company, the Sikh is saved, O Nanak, singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. ||1||

 AstpdI ]



 siqguru isK kI krY pRiqpwl ]

satgur sikh kee karai partipaal.

The True Guru cherishes His Sikh.

 syvk kau guru sdw dieAwl ]

sayvak ka-o gur sadaa da-i-aal.

The Guru is always merciful to His servant.

 isK kI guru durmiq mlu ihrY ]

sikh kee gur durmat mal hirai.

The Guru washes away the filth of the evil intellect of His Sikh.

 gur bcnI hir nwmu aucrY ]

gur bachnee har naam uchrai.

Through the Guru's Teachings, he chants the Lord's Name.

 siqguru isK ky bMDn kwtY ]

satgur sikh kay banDhan kaatai.

The True Guru cuts away the bonds of His Sikh.

 gur kw isKu ibkwr qy hwtY ]

gur kaa sikh bikaar tay haatai.

The Sikh of the Guru abstains from evil deeds.

 siqguru isK kau nwm Dnu dyie ]

satgur sikh ka-o naam Dhan day-ay.

The True Guru gives His Sikh the wealth of the Naam.

 gur kw isKu vfBwgI hy ]

gur kaa sikh vadbhaagee hay.

The Sikh of the Guru is very fortunate.

 siqguru isK kw hlqu plqu svwrY ]

satgur sikh kaa halat palat savaarai.

The True Guru arranges this world and the next for His Sikh.

 nwnk siqguru isK kau jIA nwil smwrY ]1]

naanak satgur sikh ka-o jee-a naal samaarai. ||1||

O Nanak, with the fullness of His heart, the True Guru mends His Sikh. ||1||

 gur kY igRih syvku jo rhY ]

gur kai garihi sayvak jo rahai.

That selfless servant, who lives in the Guru's household,

 gur kI AwigAw mn mih shY ]

gur kee aagi-aa man meh sahai.

is to obey the Guru's Commands with all his mind.

 Awps kau kir kCu n jnwvY ]

aapas ka-o kar kachh na janaavai.

He is not to call attention to himself in any way.

 hir hir nwmu irdY sd iDAwvY ]

har har naam ridai sad Dhi-aavai.

He is to meditate constantly within his heart on the Name of the Lord.

 mnu bycY siqgur kY pwis ]

man baychai satgur kai paas.

One who sells his mind to the True Guru

 iqsu syvk ky kwrj rwis ]

tis sayvak kay kaaraj raas.

- that humble servant's affairs are resolved.

 syvw krq hoie inhkwmI ]

sayvaa karat ho-ay nihkaamee.

One who performs selfless service, without thought of reward,

 iqs kau hoq prwpiq suAwmI ]

tis ka-o hot paraapat su-aamee.

shall attain his Lord and Master.

 ApnI ik®pw ijsu Awip kryie ]

apnee kirpaa jis aap karay-i.

He Himself grants His Grace;

 nwnk so syvku gur kI miq lyie ]2]

naanak so sayvak gur kee mat lay-ay. ||2||

O Nanak, that selfless servant lives the Guru's Teachings. ||2|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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