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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 21 Pauree 3-4

AibnwsI suK Awpn Awsn ]

abhinaasee sukh aapan aasan.

When the Immortal Lord was seated at ease,

 qh jnm mrn khu khw ibnwsn ]

tah janam maran kaho kahaa binaasan.

then where was birth, death and dissolution?

 jb pUrn krqw pRBu soie ]

jab pooran kartaa parabh so-ay.

When there was only God, the Perfect Creator,

 qb jm kI qRws khhu iksu hoie ]

tab jam kee taraas kahhu kis ho-ay.

then who was afraid of death?

 jb Aibgq Agocr pRB eykw ]

jab abigat agochar parabh aykaa.

When there was only the One Lord, unmanifest and incomprehensible,

 qb icqR gupq iksu pUCq lyKw ]

tab chitar gupat kis poochhat laykhaa.

then who was called to account by the recording scribes of the conscious and the subconscious?

 jb nwQ inrMjn Agocr AgwDy ]

jab naath niranjan agochar agaaDhay.

When there was only the Immaculate, Incomprehensible, Unfathomable Master,

 qb kaun Cuty kaun bMDn bwDy ]

tab ka-un chhutay ka-un banDhan baaDhay.

then who was emancipated, and who was held in bondage?

 Awpn Awp Awp hI Acrjw ]

aapan aap aap hee acharjaa.

He Himself, in and of Himself, is the most wonderful.

 nwnk Awpn rUp Awp hI auprjw ]3]

naanak aapan roop aap hee uparjaa. ||3||

O Nanak, He Himself created His Own Form. ||3||

 jh inrml purKu purK piq hoqw ]

jah nirmal purakh purakh pat hotaa.

When there was only the Immaculate Being, the Lord of beings,

 qh ibnu mYlu khhu ikAw Doqw ]

tah bin mail kahhu ki-aa Dhotaa.

there was no filth, so what was there to be washed clean?

 jh inrMjn inrMkwr inrbwn ]

jah niranjan nirankaar nirbaan.

When there was only the Pure, Formless Lord in Nirvaanaa,

 qh kaun kau mwn kaun AiBmwn ]

tah ka-un ka-o maan ka-un abhimaan.

then who was honored, and who was dishonored?

 jh srUp kyvl jgdIs ]

jah saroop kayval jagdees.

When there was only the Form of the Lord of the Universe,

 qh Cl iCdR lgq khu kIs ]

tah chhal chhidar lagat kaho kees.

then who was tainted by fraud and sin?

 jh joiq srUpI joiq sMig smwvY ]

jah jot saroopee jot sang samaavai.

When the Embodiment of Light was immersed in His Own Light,

 qh iksih BUK kvnu iqRpqwvY ]

tah kiseh bhookh kavan tariptaavai.

then who was hungry, and who was satisfied?

 krn krwvn krnYhwru ]

karan karaavan karnaihaar.

He is the Cause of causes, the Creator Lord.

 nwnk krqy kw nwih sumwru ]4]

naanak kartay kaa naahi sumaar. ||4||

O Nanak, the Creator is beyond calculation. ||4|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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