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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 23 Pauree 1-2

sloku ]



 igAwn AMjnu guir dIAw AigAwn AMDyr ibnwsu ]

gi-aan anjan gur dee-aa agi-aan anDhayr binaas.

The Guru has given the healing ointment of spiritual wisdom, and dispelled the darkness of ignorance.

 hir ikrpw qy sMq ByitAw nwnk min prgwsu ]1]

har kirpaa tay sant bhayti-aa naanak man pargaas. ||1||

By the Lord's Grace, I have met the Saint; O Nanak, my mind is enlightened. ||1||

 AstpdI ]



 sMqsMig AMqir pRBu fITw ]

satsang antar parabh deethaa.

In the Society of the Saints, I see God deep within my being.

 nwmu pRBU kw lwgw mITw ]

naam parabhoo kaa laagaa meethaa.

God's Name is sweet to me.

 sgl simgRI eyksu Gt mwih ]

sagal samagree aykas ghat maahi.

All things are contained in the Heart of the One,

 Aink rMg nwnw idRstwih ]

anik rang naanaa daristaahi.

although they appear in so many various colors.

 nau iniD AMimRqu pRB kw nwmu ]

na-o niDh amrit parabh kaa naam.

The nine treasures are in the Ambrosial Name of God.

 dyhI mih ies kw ibsRwmu ]

dayhee meh is kaa bisraam.

Within the human body is its place of rest.

 suMn smwiD Anhq qh nwd ]

sunn samaaDh anhat tah naad.

The Deepest Samaadhi, and the unstruck sound current of the Naad are there.

 khnu n jweI Acrj ibsmwd ]

kahan na jaa-ee achraj bismaad.

The wonder and marvel of it cannot be described.

 iqin dyiKAw ijsu Awip idKwey ]

tin daykhi-aa jis aap dikhaa-ay.

He alone sees it, unto whom God Himself reveals it.

 nwnk iqsu jn soJI pwey ]1]

naanak tis jan sojhee paa-ay. ||1||

O Nanak, that humble being understands. ||1||

 so AMqir so bwhir Anµq ]

so antar so baahar anant.

The Infinite Lord is inside, and outside as well.

 Git Git ibAwip rihAw BgvMq ]

ghat ghat bi-aap rahi-aa bhagvant.

Deep within each and every heart, the Lord God is pervading.

 Drin mwih Awkws pieAwl ]

Dharan maahi aakaas pa-i-aal.

In the earth, in the Akaashic ethers, and in the nether regions of the underworld

 srb lok pUrn pRiqpwl ]

sarab lok pooran partipaal.

- in all worlds, He is the Perfect Cherisher.

 bin iqin prbiq hY pwrbRhmu ]

ban tin parbat hai paarbarahm.

In the forests, fields and mountains, He is the Supreme Lord God.

 jYsI AwigAw qYsw krmu ]

jaisee aagi-aa taisaa karam.

As He orders, so do His creatures act.

 paux pwxI bYsMqr mwih ]

pa-un paanee baisantar maahi.

He permeates the winds and the waters.

 cwir kuMt dh idsy smwih ]

chaar kunt dah disay samaahi.

He is pervading in the four corners and in the ten directions.

 iqs qy iBMn nhI ko Twau ]

tis tay bhinn nahee ko thaa-o.

Without Him, there is no place at all.

 gur pRswid nwnk suKu pwau ]2]

gur parsaad naanak sukh paa-o. ||2||

By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, peace is obtained. ||2|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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