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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 16 Pauree 1-2

sloku ]



 rUpu n ryK n rMgu ikCu iqRhu gux qy pRB iBMn ]

roop na raykh na rang kichh tarihu gun tay parabh bhinn.

He has no form, no shape, no color; God is beyond the three qualities.

 iqsih buJwey nwnkw ijsu hovY supRsMn ]1]

tiseh bujhaa-ay naankaa jis hovai suparsan. ||1||

They alone understand Him, O Nanak, with whom He is pleased. ||1||

 AstpdI ]



 AibnwsI pRBu mn mih rwKu ]

abhinaasee parabh man meh raakh.

Keep the Immortal Lord God enshrined within your mind.

 mwnuK kI qU pRIiq iqAwgu ]

maanukh kee too pareet ti-aag.

Renounce your love and attachment to people.

 iqs qy prY nwhI ikCu koie ]

tis tay parai naahee kichh ko-ay.

Beyond Him, there is nothing at all.

 srb inrMqir eyko soie ]

sarab nirantar ayko so-ay.

The One Lord is pervading among all.

 Awpy bInw Awpy dwnw ]

aapay beenaa aapay daanaa.

He Himself is All-seeing; He Himself is All-knowing,

 gihr gMBIru ghIru sujwnw ]

gahir gambheer gaheer sujaanaa.

Unfathomable, Profound, Deep and All-knowing.

 pwrbRhm prmysur goibMd ]

paarbarahm parmaysur gobind.

He is the Supreme Lord God, the Transcendent Lord, the Lord of the Universe,

 ik®pw inDwn dieAwl bKsMd ]

kirpaa niDhaan da-i-aal bakhsand.

the Treasure of mercy, compassion and forgiveness.

 swD qyry kI crnI pwau ]

saaDh tayray kee charnee paa-o.

To fall at the Feet of Your Holy Beings

 nwnk kY min iehu Anrwau ]1]

naanak kai man ih anraa-o. ||1||

- this is the longing of Nanak's mind. ||1||

 mnsw pUrn srnw jog ]

mansaa pooran sarnaa jog.

He is the Fulfiller of wishes, who can give us Sanctuary;

 jo kir pwieAw soeI hogu ]

jo kar paa-i-aa so-ee hog.

that which He has written, comes to pass.

 hrn Brn jw kw nyqR Poru ]

haran bharan jaa kaa naytar for.

He destroys and creates in the twinkling of an eye.

 iqs kw mMqRü n jwnY horu ]

tis kaa mantar na jaanai hor.

No one else knows the mystery of His ways.

 And rUp mMgl sd jw kY ]

anad roop mangal sad jaa kai.

He is the embodiment of ecstasy and everlasting joy.

 srb Qok sunIAih Gir qw kY ]

sarab thok sunee-ah ghar taa kai.

I have heard that all things are in His home.

 rwj mih rwju jog mih jogI ]

raaj meh raaj jog meh jogee.

Among kings, He is the King; among yogis, He is the Yogi.

 qp mih qpIsru igRhsq mih BogI ]

tap meh tapeesar garihsat meh bhogee.

Among ascetics, He is the Ascetic; among householders, He is the Enjoyer.

 iDAwie iDAwie Bgqh suKu pwieAw ]

Dhi-aa-ay Dhi-aa-ay bhagtah sukh paa-i-aa.

By constant meditation, His devotee finds peace.

 nwnk iqsu purK kw iknY AMqu n pwieAw ]2]

naanak tis purakh kaa kinai ant na paa-i-aa. ||2||

O Nanak, no one has found the limits of that Supreme Being. ||2|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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