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Quotations from Adi Granth :Sikh


1. He, who calls himself a disciple of the True Guru,
Let him rise early in the morn and Contemplate the Lord’s Name.
Let him attune himself to the Lord and bathe in the Pool of Nectar at this early hour.
Let him dwell upon the Lord through the Guru’s Word, that all his Sins are washed off.
And when the sun rises, let him Sing the Guru’s Word, and reflect on
the Lord’s Name, standing up and sitting down. (Var Gauri, M. 4)

2. The Guru is in the Sikh, the Sikh in the Guru: for both (promote) the instruction of the Guru.
Nanak: "When the Mantram of the Lord’s Name is Enshrined in the heart,
spontaneously, one unites with the Lord." (Asa M. 4)

3. He alone is a Sikh, our friend and Kinsman, who walks in the Guru’s Will.
He who is led by his own mind, is separated from the Lord and suffers
sorrow. (Sorath M. 3)


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