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1984 Pogrom

Sikri Commission Report

Appendix G

Vishwa Yavak Kendra,
Circular Road,
New Delhi-110021.

January 4,1985.

My dear Home Minister,

On behalf of the Citizens’ Commission, I had written a letter dated 20th December, 1984 to your predecessor to which we received an interim reply No. 5462/SG-HMP(D) dated 26th December, 1984, from the Addl. Private Secretary.

In our letter we had requested an interview, and had enclosed a set of pertinent questions relating to the recent tragic happenings in Delhi from the 31st October to 4th November, 1984. Copies are enclosed for ready reference.

Now that you have taken over charge of the Home Ministry, we would be grateful if you could kindly look into this very urgent matter and let us know when it will be convenient for you to receive us.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,


Minister of Home Affa
Government of India,
New Delhi.



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