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Historical Events

Historical Sikh Events: History of the Ghadar Movement part 2

by Jaspal Singh

The Social and National Emancipation of the Peoples of India
The Ghadarites saw social and national emancipation of the peoples of India as the most decisive condition for a prosperous and happy life. Therefore they concentrated all their efforts and energies and urged all the peoples of Hindustan to do so irrespective of their creed, colour, language, or caste. They wanted dignity and honour for all in and outside of Hindustan, and the necessary condition for this was the liberation of India from the rule of the British and their collaborators. To liberate India from the shackles they called upon all the Indians to return to India and overthrow the British rule.
Through the pages of Ghadar Di Goonj they spread their message in poetic form. Ghadar Di Goonj was published in Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi. This poetry was hard hitting and simple:

Kuli Kuli Pukarda Jag Saanun
Saada Jhulda Kitey Nishan Kiyon Nahin
Kikoon Bachangey Sada Ghulam Rahkey
Saanun Rajniti Wala Giyan Kiyon Nahin
Dhayi Totru Kha Gaye Khet Sada
Hindustan da Koi Kisan Kiyon Nahin
Marna Bhala Ghulami di Zindagi Ton
Nahin Sukhan eh Man Bhulaavney Da
Mulk Jaagyaya Cheen Jo Ghook Suta
Dhol Vajyaya Hind Jagaawanney Da
Saanun Lord Na Panditan Kazian Di
Nahin Shok Hai Berda Dubavaney Da
Jap Jaap Da Waqt Bateet Hoya
Vella Aa Giya Teg Uthavney Da
Pardhkey Ghadr Akhbar Nun Khabar Lagi
Vela Aa Giya Ghadr Machavaney Da
(Establish secret political organizations
Bengalis and Marathis all should get together
Hindu, Sikh and Muslims all should unite
And stand together with each other)
(Form secret societies in every household
Arouse the people with the Mantra of freedom
Start the spark in every heart
Without force the scourge of British colonialism will not leave
Hurry to the call of revolution)

They described the conditions of Hindustan:

(Our children are dying in famines
The English are enjoying the fruit or our toil
We sow wheat but we get barley to eat
We are not left with a penny, all is taken by the tax collectors
The English have levied heavy taxes
Poor shopkeepers are dying of hunger
Go and arouse the army
Why those who wield the sword are asleep?
Brave Muslims, Pathans and Dogras
Valiant Sikhs in the battlefield
Hindustanis fighting on fronts in
Burma, China, Egypt and Sudan)

They exposed the so-called leaders of the Hindustanis, the collaborators of the British:

Jattan Sidhiyan Nun Koi Dosh Nahin
Sadey Leaderan Da Manda Haal Singho
Rai Bandran Mulk Veeran Kita
Piyar Rakhdey Bandran Nal Singho
Sanun Paas Angrez De Bechaya Hai
Aap Mulk De Banney Dalal Singho
The common folk is not to be blamed
Our ‘leaders’ are traitors
Rai Bhadurs, copy cats of the British, have ruined our land
They have sold us to the British
And have become pimps of the British)

They called upon the people of Hindustan to see through the illusions spread by the leaders of Indian National Congress such as Gandhi, Nehru and others:

Ghairat Annakh Wala Je Khoon Hunda
Dehli Takht Zaalam Saathon Khasade Naan
Banner, Bipin, Gandhi, Madanmohan Varge
Eh Firangiyaan De Boot Jhasde Naan
Deputationaan Te Resolutionaan Te
Muft Dhan Kharab Karaaya Kiyon
Naram Dil Congressi Leadraan Nun
Tusin Sutiyo Leader Banyaya Kiyon
(If our leaders had fought for our self respect
We would not have lost our country and rule
The kind of Bannerji, Bipin Chander Pal, Gandhi
And Madanmohan Malviya would not
Have Licked the Boots of the British)
(Deputations and resolutions are waste of money
These leaders of Congress who have soft corner
for the British have become leaders
Because you are asleep and not conscious)

They also pointed out the old Indian tradition:

Kade Mangyian Milann Azadiyan Na
Hunde Tarliyan Naal Na Raj Loko
Karo Na Minnat Ainwe Bano Na Kaiyar
Fardo Talwar Ehnan Nahin Rahnna
Agge Veero Arjiyan Ne Ki Banna Liya
Zalam Firangyian Ne Desh Kha Liya

(Freedom is not obtained by begging
By appeals political power is not won)
(Do not petition like cowards
Take the sword and they will run
What have all the petitions done?
Brutal British have plundered our land)

They called upon the Hindustani soldiers to revolt:

Tusin Lardo Jaa Key Khaatar Goriyan De
Singho Bholiyo Karde Khyal Kiyon Nahin
Desan Dujiyan Te Nit Karo Dhaavey
Mulk Apna Laindey Sambhaal Kiyon Nahin
Tibet, Cheen, Africa Nun Fateh Kardey
Dita Dushmanan Hath Dakhal Kiyon Nahin
Utho Azadi Da Lavo Jhaaka
Ralke Kheddey Kiyon Gulal Nahin
Faujan Waliyo Tusaan Di Matt Maari
Lokaan Waste Karo Lardayian
Vairi Tusan Da Gheriya Vich Europe
Vaila Saanbh Layo Dheriyan Dhayian Kiyon
(You go and fight for the British
You brave lions just think about it
You fight in far and distant lands
Why not take charge of your own land?
You have subdued Tibet, China, Africa for the British
Why not show your valor to our enemy the British?
Arise and breathe the fresh air of Freedom
Why do you not play Holi with the blood of British?)
(Soldiers awaken and come to your senses
Why are you fighting for the others, the British
Our enemy is caught in Europe
Take advantage of this situation and revolt)

They also exposed those ‘religious leaders’ who collaborated with the British in dividing the people on the basis of religion:

Kazi, Pandatan , Ate Giyaniyan Ne
Yudh Karan Da Vachan Sunawnna Na
Bhaunkan Raat Diney Bhukhye Tukrdiaan De
Khali Rahannge Dhidh Bharavanna Na
Haddi Pun Pai Ju Thode Khalsa Ji
Marda Dhan Puja Wala Khawna Na
Vaja Mominan Di Kam Luchyian De
Deel Dol Nun Vaikh Bhul Jawana Na
Saanun Lord Na Amayan Afayan Di
Ilam Ragard Forde Uttey Lawnna Na
(Kazis, Pandits and Giyanis of Gurudwara
Will not speak of fighting the British
They bark like dogs day and night
Looking for the crumbs from the British
If you listen to them your bellies will remain empty
Your bones will be eaten by cancer
If you eat the crumbs that they give
They wear garb of holy men but
Their deeds are those of devil
Do not be fooled by their garb
We do not need useless degrees of BA and MA
We want solutions to our problems)

To organize the Hindustanis abroad and in India for revolution was the chief aim of the Ghadar Party. Ghadar, and other publications of the Yugantar Ashram became tools for this organizing activity. Soon there were Ghadar Party branches in China, Malaya, Siam, Europe, the Philippines, Africa, Hongkong, Singapore, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Iran, Afghanistan, Japan, Russia, amongst other locations. Wherever there were Hindustanis, there were Ghadar Party branches. By 1916, it is estimated that one million copies of Ghadar were published per week.
Special issues of Ghadar were also printed in Nepali, Bengali, Pashto, Gujrati, as well as many other languages. The British government used every means to stop the circulation of Ghadar and other publications of the Yugantar Ashram, mainly to stop it from reaching India, but they were not successful. The Ghadarites always found ways and means of distributing their publications in India in spite of proscription and efforts by the British to stop the distribution of Ghadar.
The British Government also tried with all its might to slander, suppress, and eradicate the Ghadar Movement abroad by conniving with the Governments of Canada and the USA and by recruiting spies and their agents such as Hopkinson and others to closely watch the activities of the Ghadarites. For this purpose they also recruited a temple priest in San Francisco and some Granthis in Gurudwaras. As a result of this pressure, Lala Hardyal was arrested on March 25, 1914. Because of Hopkinson’s reposts, he was forced to leave the USA in April 1914.

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