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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History :10th April


10th April


1754 Jassa Singh Ahluwalia given Jathaedari of Sikh Nation.

Jassa Singh Ahluwalia was selected as the Jathaedari of the Sikh Nation by Sarbat Khalsa at Sri Akal Takhat. Further he was bestowed the title of Nawab

==> Sardar JASSA SINGH AHLUWALIA was born in 1718. He was son of Ahluwalia resident Bader Singh. His close association with Nawab Kapur Singh influenced him in service of GurPanth. Raja Amir Singh of Patiala was introduced to amrit by him. He was a great General of the Khalsa forces during the 18th century and was called Sultan-ul-Quom, king of the nation, his heroic deeds and qualities of leadership. He killed Hakim SalabatKhan of Amritsar, in 1748, and captured the surrounding region. In 1789, he helped Diwan KodhaMal in removing ShahanWadh from Multan. In 1753, he defeated Hakim Adinabaegh and conquered Fataibad. He won the successful release of enslaved Hindu men and women from Ahmad Shah Durani. As a result he came to be popularly known as BandiShoadh (liberator). He bravely fought in Wada Ghulughara (the big holocaust). Even after receiving 22 grave bounds, he kept fighting. He was head as well as the life of the Ahluwalia Misl. In 1774, he captured Kapurthala state, established his capital there, and issues coins under our Gurus name. He was extremely popular among our Panth. He dies in 1783 in Amritsar. A monument in his memory was erected near Baba Atal, in Amritsar.

-Ref. Mahan Kosh

1762 Kalandar Khan attacked Sri Harmandir Sahib under Abdali’s influence. Sri Harmandir Sahib was destoyed with dynamites and the sarowar filled with debri. One of Sri Harmandir Sahibs brick hit Abdali’s nose. This injury proved to be deadly for him.

-Ref. Amritsar Ji Dae Darshan Eshnan Utay 500 Sala Di Ethasak Directory, Satnam Singh Khalsa Advocate, pp 83

1763 Panth Khalsa resolved to liberate a Kasur Brahmin’s wife who was abducted by the Nawab (Chief) of Kasur, Punjab.

Khalsa Panth passed a resolution, on behest of a poor Brahnim from Kasur, to seek the release of his beautiful wife. She had been abducted by the Nawab (Chief) of Kasur, Punjab. The Sikh outfits assembled at the holy Akal Takhat, unanimously took a vow to liberate the poor lady and successfully accomplished the task.

1973 The Articles of Incorporation of the Sikh Dharma Brotherhood were endorsed by the Secritary of the State of California. This act established Sikh Dharma as an official religious organization.



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