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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History – 11th October


11th October

1710 Khalsa army fought a pitched battle and captured Rahon.

Shamas Khan, the sub-Governor of the Lullander-Doab zone declared jehad against the Sikhs to check their rapid advances. As a result a pitched battle was founght. Under the cover of darkness the Sikhs retreated. Shamas Khan claimed it as a victory and left the battlefield. After his departure, the Sikhs captured Rahon.

1711 Keso Singh and six other BhaT’s were buried alive, under orders of Emporer Bahadhur Shah. The other six were:

Tara Singh
Sevaa Singh
Deva Singh
Desaa Singh* (brother)
Hari Singh* (brother)
Narbadh Singh* (son)

Keso Singh Bhatt was son of Boh-th, grandson of Keeratt, and great-grandson of Bhikhaa BhaT. They were three brothers, namely Keso Singh, Desaa Singh, and Hari Singh.

1770 The combined forces of Sikh Misls crossed the Jamuna and attacked Gangetic Doab to punish the muslim Nawabs for atrocities against their own people.
1988 Chaman Lal, the Inspector General of BSF (Border Security Force), resigned to protest the collusion of the State with Jasbir Singh Rode.



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