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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History :13th June


13th June


1647 Pir Budhu Shah was born.

==> BUDHU SHAH: a Sadhora (district Ambala) resident muslim Pir (holy man). His real name was Sayed Shah Badrudin. He had enrolled 500 Pathans in service of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Patshah. The four chiefs of these Pathans were Kala Khan, Bhikan Khan, Nijabat Khan, and Hayat Khan. Only Kala Khan turned out to be trustworthy, who did not betray Guru Sahib’s trust. The remaining three chiefs simply abandoned Guru Sahib during the Bhangani battle and joined the enemy forces.

When Budhu Shah heard of the betrayal by his Pathan chiefs, he immediately came to join Guru Sahib forces with his four sons and 700 followers. Guru Sahib came victorious in this battle, but Budhu Shah lost his two sons and several followers. When the battle ended, Guru Sahib blessed Budhu Shah with his Dastar (turban) along with Kangha (comb) containing some combed hairs, and a small sword along with a Hukamnama. Subseuqntly, these items were bought by Nabhapati Barpur Singh and preserved in Gurudwara Siraepau.

Budhu Shah was subsequently killed by Asman Khan, Sardar of Sadhora, for committing the grave offense of helping Guru Gobind Singh. For this reason, Asman Khan was hanged when Bahadhur Shah conquered Sadhora in sunmat 1766.

-Ref. Mahan Kosh (pp. 882)

1886 Khalsa Akhbar newspaper in Gurmukhi started in Lahore.
1940 Udham Singh of Sunam was sentenced to death for avenging the killings of Jallianwala Bagh by killing Sir Michael O’ Dwyer in London.
1984 Dr. Jagjit Singh Chauhan announced a government in exile.
1984 The rebel Sikh soldiers count reached over 2000. They are headed towards Amritsar.



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