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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History :14th February

14th February


11 Sikhs killed in a strike observed by the Hindus of Punjab.

The Hindus observed a strike throughout the Punjab. On this occasion they indulged in hooliganism, ransacked the model of Sri Darbar Sahib, displayed at Amritsar Railway station. The hooligan Hindus and the Hindu Central Reserve Police (CRP), fired at Sikhs sitting in their shops and at those going into their houses. Eleven Sikhs were killed. Not even a single Hindu was wounded. In contrast, when the Sikhs held a peaceful protest day on April 4, 1983, 26 Sikhs were killed; but the law is different for Sikhs and for Hindus. Even if the hooligans and the criminals are Hindus, the Hindu force has instructions to kill Sikhs only.

Additionally, from 14 until 21 February, Haryana gangs murdered Sikhs passengers in Panipat and several other area, burned their Gurdwaras.


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