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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History :16th March

16th March


Sikhs captured Lahore and issued their own coins.


Sikhs attack Shahdara Patpat, Delhi.


Khalsa Forces invaded Delhi.


A new and seperate treaty was signed in Ambala, between Raja Gulab Singh and the British. Kashmir was sold to Gulab Singh for one crore as part of the indemnity due from Lahore Darbar. Lal Singh Wazir opposed the ceding of Kashmir to Gulab Singh. As a result he was removed and banished from Punjab.


Punjab, the domain of the Sikhs, was annexed by the British East India Company, after the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.


Regional formula for Punjab agreed between Hukam Singh and Jawaharlal Nehru as a secret deal.


The passing away of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji, a Sikh saint of renown and head of the Akhand Kitani Jatha.

==> Bhai RANDHIR SINGH Ji (1878-1961) indoctrinated thousands of people with the GurSikhism religion and GurSikh way of life through his ideal living, preachings, and kirtan. He was a stalwart of the Ghadr movement who was and galoed for a long term of imprisonment under section 121 (a) of the Indian Penal Code in the Second Lahore Conspiracy Case. He called himself as the first prisoner of the Akali movement who fought for the Sikh right to lead life in the jail as prescribed by the Guru himself. He was arrested on May 9, 1915 for participating in an unsuccessful attempt to attack Ferozepur Fort on November 27, 1914 and released on Oct. 4, 1930. Others like Baba Nidhan Singh of Chugha of Ferozepur, Udham Singh of Kasel and Baba Wasakha Singh of Dadher, district Amritsar were of that tribe of adventourous heros who combined religious fervour with radical politics and defied death with supreme scorn and courage. Sardar Bhagat Singh Shaheed was so influenced by Bhai Sahib’s life in the Central Jail, Lahore (where both of them were confined) that he started wearing long hair/beard and adopted GurSikh way of life.

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“Babbar Akali Movement, A Historical Survey,” by Gurcharan Singh, Aman Publications, 1993.


Police force under the command of a Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mr. Pandey, threw a hand grenade on a jeep carrying some Sikh pilgrims. The grenade was followed by a shower of bullets from machine guns of the policemen. During this attack a young Sikh boy, Hardev Singh, was killed and two others seriously wounded.

-Ref. THE SIKHS’ STRUGGLE FOR SOVEREIGNTY, An Historical Perspective
By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer and Dr. Awatar Singh Sekhon
Edited By: A.T. Kerr Page 110-119


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