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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History – 16th November


16th November

1675 Guru Tegh Bahadhur’s beheaded head was brought to kiratpur. The Sikhs in Delhi showed a daring courage in seizing both parts of Guru Sahib’s beheaded body. Taking advantage of the duststrom which engulfed the city, Bhai Nnnu Rai, Agya and his son Jaita, and Udha Rathaur too the Guru’s head to Jaitas house. Jaita along with Bhai Nannu and Udha too it to Kirtrapur. It was cremated at Makhowal the following day. Meanwhile the severed body of the Guru was taken over by Bhai Lakhi Das also called Lakhi Shah Vanjara and his three sons Nigahia, Hema, and Harhi of Jadobansia Barhtia Kanaut, and Naik Dhooma. son of Bhai Nannu. It was taken to the house of Lakhi Das in Raisina and cremated the following night when he performed the ceremony in the process putting his house on fire, to prevent detection by the authorities.
1880 Khalsa Diwan Lahore told Maharaja Dalip Singh not to enter Punjab.
1957 11th Akali Conference was organized by Shiromani Akali Dal, under the leadership of Sardar Sewa Singh Thikriwala and held in Bathhinda.
1982 Bhola Singh and Kashmir Singh killed in fake encounters.




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