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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History :18th May

18th May


Shaheedi maela, Guru Ka Baag, Patna Sahib.


Battle of Batala between Baba Banda Singh Bahadhur and followers of Saekhul Hind.


Judgement of Babbar Akali Conspiracy Case Trail No. 1 is announced. Ganda Singh turned informer while the following were sentenced :-
Tota Singh Peshori – 5 years imprisonment
Tara Singh Thethar – 5 years imprisonment
Bela Singh – 4 years imprisonment
Chanchal Singh Jandiyala – 1 year imprisonment
while Amar SIngh Kot Badhay Kha, Narayan Singh Chattiwind, and Prem Singh Granthi were acquited.


Additionally, warrants were issued fro Master Mota Singh, Kishan Singhm Gurbachan Singh Ambala, Wattan Singh Kahri Sahri, Amar Singh Delhi and Bijla Singh.


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