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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History :19th February

19th February



Jathaedar Ganda Singh and two associates were hanged until death in Lahore.

==> HANGING OF JATHAEDAR GANDA SINGH: On January 30, 1848 Jathaedar Ganda Singh (Jathaedar of Sri Akal Takhat), Akali Kharak Singh, Bibek Singh, Hira Singh, Mastan Singh, Muhar Singh, and Hukam Singh protested the entry of some British officers into the Darbar Sahib without removing their shoes. This resulted in a clash between the Akalis and the government officials. One official (subedar) was killed and a company commander got injured. Some Sikhs also got injured. The tyrant Mr. Lawrence arrested the Sikhs. Jathaedar Ganda Singh and his two of his companions were hanged. Six more Sikhs were sent to the jails of Barailey, outside Punjab.

– Ref. “Sri Amritsar Ji De Darshan Ishnan Ate 500 Salan Di Itihask Directory” by (by Satnam Singh Khalsa, Advocate)


Mahants and Pujaris of various historical Gurdwaras, held a convention to express themselves against Singh Sabha reformers and call on the government to restore the status quo ante at the Golden Temple, Amritsar. Because of the resolve of the reformers and unity within Guru Khalsa Panth, the reformers were victorious in their efforts.


Master Tara Singh was arrested at Narela, under sedition charges. He was on his way to Delhi to attend a Conference.

==> MASTER TARA SINGH’s ARREST (Feb. 21. 1949): Master Tara Singh was arrested at Narela railway station, near Delhi and sent to Almorha jail in UP. At that jails all the prisoners – Muslims, Sikhs, and Hindus – were forced to sing the following Hindu song:

Rahgupati raghav raja Ram |
Patit pavan Sita Ram |

(Note: This song is sung in the Hindu temples and other religious gatherings. I believe it was a favorite song of M.K. Gandhi. It glorifies a Hindu god Ram and his wife Sita, etc.)

The jailer superintendent Mr. Mohamad was a Muslim but he could not stop this for the fear of his job. Master Tara Singh opposed this hypocrisy of the Hindu rulers in the so-called secular state.

Sikh Sangats protest against this unfair arrest of their leader Master Tara Singh at Sri Darbar Sahib. The Indian police entered the Golden Temple complex with their shoes on and fired upon innocent, unarmed people. People were arrested under Public Safety Act.

– Ref. “Sri Amritsar Ji De Darshan Ishnan Ate 500 Salan Di Itihask Directory” by (by Satnam Singh Khalsa, Advocate)

(PS: The information that I have refers to the arrest of Master Tara Singh on February 21, not on 19th. These two accounts seems to be at variance. It is quite possible that Master Tara Singh was arrested on 19th and formally charged on Feb 21st. Hence two dates of his arrest. Tarlochan Singh.)


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