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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History – 1st February


1st February

1949 Jallandar Municipal Committees Hindu members decided to adopt Hindi, instead of Punjabi as a medium of instruction in its schools (NOTE:- the exact date of this event is in question. However, it is ceratin that it took place in Feb. 1949.).
1998 The British Army announced a revolutionary dress code, which is aimed to allow it Sikh members wear their traditional dresses. The Sikhs will be able to carry a miniature version of the kirpan in their wallets. They would also be permitted to wear army-issue special design knee-length underpants.

The Sikh members of the armed forces will also have the option of wearing a parka. The Defence Secretary George Robertson is reportedly also considering a proposal for a military-pattern turban for the Sikhs. Another proposal for the military versions of salwar-kameez and scarves is also under consideration.

-Source. Hindustan Tiems, Sikhs in UK Army can have kirpan London, Feb. 1, 1998



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