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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History : 20th June


20th June


1670 Guru Tegh Bahadhur Ji arrested in Delhi.
1923 Babu Santa Singh arrested at Tapa Railway Station.
1972 20 GurSikhs killed in Gurdwara Sadabarat.
1977 Parkash Singh Badal became the Chief Minister of the Punjab.
1984 Major General R.K. Ghoad, announced 4 officer, and 4 JOC, and 92 soliers killed while 287 injured during the bluestar operation. Later Rajiv Gandhi, while addressing a Congress gathering in Nagpur, announced 700 soliers killed and 2400 Sikhs arrested. The actual count as per eye witnesses in thousands.
1984 Sirdar Harinder Singh Khalsa resigned his position at Indian Embassy, Norway, in protest of Indian Army’s attack on Sri Darbar Sahib and sought asylum along with his family.



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