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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History :22nd February


22nd February


1845 Rani Jindan attempted to cross over to the British with Dalip Singh but her attempt was foiled by Sikh army.
1923 1923: Third meeting took place at Jassowal.
1924 British government accused Akali Singhs of firing upon Nabha rulers.
1956 Master Tara Singh and Nehru held talks on Punjabi Suba. The talks lasted until Feb. 24, 1956.

==> MASTER TARA SINGH: Master Tara Singh was born on 24 June, 1885, in Haryal in Rawalpindi district of North Western Province of undivided India. His mother, Moolan Devi, was a pious lady and his father, Bakshi Gopi Chand, was a patwari of the village and was a well known and respected person. Tara Singh’s original name was Nanak Chand. In 1902 Nanak Chand embraced Sikhism and came to be called Tara Singh.

Tara Singh had a bright educational career and was a scholarship holder almost at all stages of his education. In 1907 he passed his B. A. examination from Khalsa College, Amritsar. Later Tara Singh joined as headmaster of Khalsa High School, Lyallpur, at an honorarium of Rs. 15 per month. Since then he came to be known as Master Tara Singh. His career as a teacher ended in 1921, following the Nankana tragedy.

He also edited two Akali newspapers, Akali (Urdu) and Akali te Pardesi (Gurmukhi) in which he forcefully put forward the aims and objectives of the Akali Dal.

He took an active part in national politics till his death on 22 November 1967.

-Ref. "Master Tara Singh, by Verinder Grover, Deep & Deep Publications Delhi, 1995.



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