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Today in Sikh History :23rd August

23rd August


Nanak visits the house of God from river Bein.

In the morning, Guru Nanak went to the river Bein to take a bath but didn’t return. Everyone thought he had drawned. But apparently, he visited the house of God where he spent three days before returning to our world. While there he was offered a cup of nectar and was ordered to drink it. Guru nanak was terrified. All he could see was the blinding light and all he could hear was God’s commanding voice. God ordered Guru Nanak Dev to return back to the world and spread the message of love and peace. God said he had appointed Guru Nanak Dev as His messanger. He returned at the same place he had disappeared from three days earlier. The people were horrified by the miracle of his disappearing in the river and reappearing from the same place three days later.

-Ref. The Sikh Religion and The Sikh People, by Dr. S.S. Kapoor, Hemkunt Press, New Delhi, 1992.


Babbars appeal for Panthic unity through Babbar Akali Doaba newspaper.

==> BABBAR AKALI DOABA – newspaper was the organ of the Babbar Akalis and it effectively spread their message in the Doaba. In all 15 issues were released from Aug. 20, 1922 to May 21, 1923. Karam Singh of Daulatpur brought out its two issues, while the rest, except three, were the work of Jathedhar Kishan Singh Gargaj. Despite best efforts, no copies of this newspapers could be located. However, all available extracts can be traced to contemporary newspapers and the court records.

-Ref. Babbar Akali Movement, A Historical Survey, by Gurcharan Singh, Aman Publications, 1993.


Congress betrays Sikhs in Punjab in return for an overall settlement.


Baba Nischal Singh Ji, a devoted member of Panthic Saewaks, passed away.


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