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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History – 25th November


25th November


1710Sikhs successfully attacked and killed RustamDil Khan near Sadorae.
1888The final straw, causing a breakup among Singh and Arya Samaj, came at the Lahore Arya Samaj anniversary celebrations. Here Lala Guru Datt Arora in a speech sharply criticised Sikhism. Pertinently, he said that is Swami Daynand called Guru nanak a fraud, what did that matter? Swamiji had the sum of the Vedas in his hands! He continued that "Guru Gobind Singh was not even a hundredth part like our Maharishsi Sawami Dayanand Saraswati and it is difficult to say whether the Sikhs have any religion or not, but surely they have no knowledge of any kind." Other Arya speakers, speciafically Pandit Lekh Ram and Lala Murli Dhar rose to second Lala Guru Datt’s comments and added ctheir own words of sarcasm to the criticism of Sikh religion.

The reaction was immediate. Bhai Jawahar Singh, Bhai Ditt Singh Giani, and Bhai Maiya Singh immediately resigned from their membership and were welcomed with open arms by Prof. Gurmukh Singh into the Lahore Singh Sabha. Each one of them became staunch defender of Sikhism.

-Ref. "The Sikhs in History," by Sangat Singh, 1995.

1967Lachhman Singh Gill became the Chief Minister of Punjab.
1981Second Akali-Government talks. As expected the government announced failure of talks.

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