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Today in Sikh History – 26th November


26th November


1708Baba Gurbakhash Singh (Banda Bahadur) stromed Samana Town, leaving 10,000 dead, followed up by routing Faujadars of Kapuri and Mustabad. Samana was a center of traditional Sikh hatred. The executor of Guru Tegh Bahadhur belonged to this place; his son had beheaded the two younger sons of Guru GObind Singh; evacuation of Anandpur Sahib was made by the Guru on strength of false promises made by Ali Husain of Samana. The Khalsa army punished the tyrants and their associates. Later, the city of the "Jallads" (executioners) was placved under the charge of Fateh Singh, one of the five Councillors.
1871Giani Rattan Singh Namdhari and his assitant Rattan Singh were hanged ouside Ludhiana jail in open public view.
1949The Sikhs rejected the new Constitution of India. The Sikh members refused to sign it.
1972The first Gurdwara service was held at the Guru Ram Das Ashram in Los Angeles, California.
1973A young Navy enlisted man was ordered to report for captain’s mast at Miramar Naval Air Station at San diego to explain the uniform he wore. When he reported for duty on this day, he was told that White turbans are defintely non-regulation.

But Avionics Technician 3/C Ronald Sherwood, 22, of Houston, would not take the turban off all day. Turbans may not be regulation for Navy petty officers, he admitted, but they are required for Sikhs. Sherwood pleaded that he had been converted during the Thanksgiving holiday, to Sikhism, which requires, among other things, constant wearing of the turban. He had changed his name to Ronald Singh Sherwood.

Sherwood’s Commanding Officer, Comdr. Martin Winchester of Fighter Squardon 92, summoned him to his office and informed him in no uncertain terms that he was out of uniform.

Two American solidiers PFCs Fresco and Broadwell who had similarly embraced Sikhism were also coutmartialled for disobeying orders to shave and doff turbans.

In 1950, President Truman had allowed an American Sikh conscripted in the Army to retain his hair unshaven. US army amended its dress code in June 1974 to allow beards and native religious head dress.

-Source. "History of Sikh Struggles, Vol. 1," By Gurmit Singh, Atlantic Publishers & Distributors, 1989. pp. 63-64

1983Begining at night and throughout Nov. 27, the Hindus burnt the Sikh temple at Churu (Rajasthan). When a Sikh Jatha left for the Gurdwara, they were arrested so that they may not reach the spot.

-Ref. THE SIKHS’ STRUGGLE FOR SOVEREIGNTY, An Historical Perspective By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer and Dr. Awatar Singh Sekhon Edited By: A.T. Kerr Page 110-119


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