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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History : 27th June


27th June


1745 Nawab Zakaria Khan’s orders were carried out and Bhai Taru’s scalp was removed. On Harbhagat Naranjania’s complaint, Bhai Taru Singh of his village was arrested and accused of providing rations to the Sikhs. Bhai Taru Singh admitted the facts. Nawab Zakaria Khan ordered the removal of his scalp. Bhai Taru Singh said that the Governor would suffer as much torture. And Bhai Taru would take Zakaria Khan along with him to the other world.

Upon carrying out Nawab’s orders, Zakaria Khan’s urinary system stopped functioninh, puttiung him in great pain. The Qazi addressed Bhai Taru Singh Oh Kafir, what have you done? The Nawab can’t urinate. He is in great pain. Bhai Taru Singh told him to take his shoe and beat it on Zakaria’s head to make him urinate. On the fifth day of shoe beating, Zakaria Khan died on July 1, 1745. on hearing of that the same day Bhai Taru Singh left his mortal remains.

1839 Maharaja Ranjit Singh passed away in Lahore [ACTUAL].

Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the great ruler of Punjab for 40 years, breathed his last at 7 P.M. on this day and thus the most brilliant period of Sikh history came to a close.

In 1799, Maharaja Ranjit Singh conquered Lahore. Further the neighboring, including greater punjab, Kashmir, Multan, Kangdha, and Attock were brought under Khalsa Raaj. During his reign everyone, including hindus and muslims lived happily and no one dare set their sights on khalsa Raj. On this day the Khalsa lost a leader who had by his commanding personality, foresight and skill secured the Sikhs, the status of a sovereign people. Thus creating a huge void.

After the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the stability of the Sikh political system took a nose dive. The three major reasons for the same have been, the ever tightening noose of British power and influence round the kingdom of Lahore Darbar, the contending rival parties and the incapacity of the successors. The Government of Panjab degenerated into a chaotic condition. The real power went in the hands of incompetent nominal rulers, ditching the army and the State, to somehow maintain what little power or authority they could hold on.

It has been, a day in and day out, an endless decade of dirtiest intrigues and murders in which the lions’ share was usurped by clever British Government and crafly Dogra Gulab Singh, on the dismemberment of the once mighty Sikh State, to whom one was a proclaimed friend and the other a privileged servant.

1940 S.G.M. Beaty was shot dead by the Babbar Akalis of Malwa at Chatha Sekhwan.
1972 Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Yogi ordains the first women ever established as ministers of the Sikh Dharma.
1084 Deputy Commissioner Amritsar, criticised the false rumours – naked girls, heroin, drugs, alcohol, tobacco found in Darbar Sahib.



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