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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History – 28th January

28th January


Guru Baba Nanak Dev in the course of his udasis (travels) arrived at Mecca, the Centre of Islam, accompanied with his GurSikh Bhai Mardana. Here he convinced the Hajies and other dignitories that God is omnipresent. His abode is not confined to Mecca alone. He preached the Message of Universal love and brotherhood.


Baba Aalla Singh and Sardar Chadhat Singh together attacked the forces of Abdali and rescued the Hindu women that were being forcibly taken from their residence. The Sikh forces safely returned each women to her rightful home.

==> BABA AALLA SINGH JI was born in village Phull to father Baba Ram Singh Phulwansi and mother Saabhi. He was introduced to amrit by Baba Deep Singh Ji, in TheekriWalae village. In sunmat 1810, he laid the foundation stone of a temporary structure for the Patiala fort while the construction of a permanent structure began in sunmat 1820. Simultaneously he founded the Patiala city. Barnala, Longowal, Sunaam, Bathinda, and Patiala were under his control. He passed away on 22nd Aug. 1765 in Patiala.

-Ref. Mahan Kosh


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