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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History :30th June

30th June


Raja Karam Singh became Maharaja of Patiala. Raja Karam succeded Maharaja Sahib Singh at the age of 15. He helped the British in the conflict with the Gorkhas and was rewarded with 16 parganas (district sub-divisions) in Simla Hills as gifts.


Indian government presets its inquiry finding into the operation Bluestar in form of a White paper. Then Governor of Punjab, B.D. Panday resigns.


Babbar Khalsa International Conference, Montreal. Babbar Khalsa organization in Canada held its first conference in Montreal to commemorate the Sikh martyrs who laid their lives for the cause of the Sikh nation. The devout Babbars urged Sikhs to observe memories of their courage annually. About 500 Sikhs attended the conference.


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