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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History – 4th December


4th December


1705 Seige of Anandpur ended. The seige of Anadpur initiated on May 3, 1705 ended. In response to beseiger’s continuous pleas to vacate the fort of Anandpur in return for safe passage, Guru Sahib sent rubbish covered brocades, loaded over bullocks. In violation of the solemn oaths on the Quran, the goods were looted. Ashamed at their sordid behavior, the Mughal commanders now sent a message in the Emperor’s name, expressing regret at the behavior of the imperial troops and reiterated the agreement on safe conduct if Guru agreed to quit Anadpur.
1926 SGPC initiated activities to seek control of 750 Sikh Shrines.



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