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Today in Sikh History : 6th March


6th March


1752The cooperation between Sikhs and Mir Mannu snapped as a result of Kaura Mal’s death. This was evident from action during Abdali’s third invasion. The Sikhs under the patronage of Diwan Kaura Mal, a Khulasa Sikhs, had cooperated with Mir Mannu. henceforth, Mir Mannu as a nominee of Afghans pursued the policy of extirpating Sikhs. If nothing else, their women and children were taken to Nakhas, Lahore, in hundreds, and were subjected to gruesome torture and martyred. In 18 months, he killed about 30,000 Sikhs. The peasentry crushed, because of the Afghan depredations and roving provincial troops in search of the Sikh families, joined the Khalsa fold in large numbers who offered them protection.
1752Diwan Kodha Mal, also known as Mitha Mal, died while fighting in Lahore.

-Ref. Amritsar Ji Dae Darshan Eshnan Utay 500 Sala Di Ethasak Directory, Satnam Singh Khalsa Advocate, pp 80.

1834Peshawar occupied by Sikhs. Ranjit Singh sent a force under Hari Singh Nalwa, Ventura and Court under nominal command of Prince Nau Nihal Singh. Pathan chiefs sent their families away as they were aware of the duplicity Of Shah Shujah and Ranjit Singh’s intention to occupy Peshawar. They agreed to enhance the tribute but the Sikh army occupied Peshawar on the pretext that the Prince wanted to see the town and the Pathan chiefs left the city. Hari Singh Nalwa was appointed Governor of Peshawar along with the Governorship Of Hazara. British did not appreciate Sikh occupation of Peshawar. Sikh coins struck from Peshawar.
1921Gurudwara Manak Sahib was forcibly taken over and brought under the control of SGPC.

-Ref. "Babbar Akali Movement, A historical Survey," by Dr. Gurcharan Singh, Aman Publications, 1993.



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