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Sukhmani Sahib

Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 05 Pauree 3-4


Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 05 Pauree 3-4

Aink Bwiq mwieAw ky hyq ] srpr hovq jwnu Anyq ]

anik bhaat maa-i-aa kay hayt. sarpar hovat jaan anayt.

The many forms of attachment to Maya shall surely pass away – know that they are transitory.

ibrK kI CwieAw isau rMgu lwvY ]

birakh kee chhaa-i-aa si-o rang laavai.

People fall in love with the shade of the tree,

Eh ibnsY auhu min pCuqwvY ]

oh binsai uho man pachhutaavai.

and when it passes away, they feel regret in their minds.

jo dIsY so cwlnhwru ]

jo deesai so chaalanhaar.

Whatever is seen, shall pass away;

lpit rihE qh AMD AMDwru ]

lapat rahi-o tah anDh anDhaar.

and yet, the blindest of the blind cling to it.

btwaU isau jo lwvY nyh ]

bataa-oo si-o jo laavai nayh.

One who gives her love to a passing traveler

qw kau hwiQ n AwvY kyh ]

taa ka-o haath na aavai kayh.

– nothing shall come into her hands in this way.

mn hir ky nwm kI pRIiq suKdweI ]

man har kay naam kee pareet sukhdaa-ee.

O mind, the love of the Name of the Lord bestows peace.

kir ikrpw nwnk Awip ley lweI ]3]

kar kirpaa naanak aap la-ay laa-ee. ||3||

O Nanak, the Lord, in His Mercy, unites us with Himself. ||3||

imiQAw qnu Dnu kutMbu sbwieAw ]

mithi-aa tan Dhan kutamb sabaa-i-aa.

False are body, wealth, and all relations.

imiQAw haumY mmqw mwieAw ]

mithi-aa ha-umai mamtaa maa-i-aa.

False are ego, possessiveness and Maya.

imiQAw rwj jobn Dn mwl ]

mithi-aa raaj joban Dhan maal.

False are power, youth, wealth and property.

imiQAw kwm k®oD ibkrwl ]

mithi-aa kaam kroDh bikraal.

False are sexual desire and wild anger.

imiQAw rQ hsqI AsÍ bsqRw ]

mithi-aa rath hastee asav bastaraa.

False are chariots, elephants, horses and expensive clothes.

imiQAw rMg sMig mwieAw pyiK hsqw ]

mithi-aa rang sang maa-i-aa paykh hastaa.

False is the love of gathering wealth, and reveling in the sight of it.

imiQAw DRoh moh AiBmwnu ]

mithi-aa Dharoh moh abhimaan.

False are deception, emotional attachment and egotistical pride.

imiQAw Awps aUpir krq gumwnu ]

mithi-aa aapas oopar karat gumaan.

False are pride and self-conceit.

AsiQru Bgiq swD kI srn ]

asthir bhagat saaDh kee saran.

Only devotional worship is permanent, and the Sanctuary of the Holy.

nwnk jip jip jIvY hir ky crn ]4]

naanak jap jap jeevai har kay charan. ||4||

Nanak lives by meditating, meditating on the Lotus Feet of the Lord. ||4||


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