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Sukhmani Sahib

Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 18 Pauree 3-4

Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 18 Pauree 3-4

bIs ibsvy gur kw mnu mwnY ]

bees bisvay gur kaa man maanai.

One who obeys the Guru’s Teachings one hundred per cent

so syvku prmysur kI giq jwnY ]

so sayvak parmaysur kee gat jaanai.

– that selfless servant comes to know the state of the Transcendent Lord.

so siqguru ijsu irdY hir nwau ]

so satgur jis ridai har naa-o.

The True Guru’s Heart is filled with the Name of the Lord.

Aink bwr gur kau bil jwau ]

anik baar gur ka-o bal jaa-o.

So many times, I am a sacrifice to the Guru.

srb inDwn jIA kw dwqw ]

sarab niDhaan jee-a kaa daataa.

He is the treasure of everything, the Giver of life.

AwT phr pwrbRhm rMig rwqw ]

aath pahar paarbarahm rang raataa.

Twenty-four hours a day, He is imbued with the Love of the Supreme Lord God.

bRhm mih jnu jn mih pwrbRhmu ]

barahm meh jan jan meh paarbarahm.

The servant is in God, and God is in the servant.

eykih Awip nhI kCu Brmu ]

aykeh aap nahee kachh bharam.

He Himself is One – there is no doubt about this.

shs isAwnp lieAw n jweIAY ]

sahas si-aanap la-i-aa na jaa-ee-ai.

By thousands of clever tricks, He is not found.

nwnk AYsw guru bfBwgI pweIAY ]3]

naanak aisaa gur badbhaagee paa-ee-ai. ||3||

O Nanak, such a Guru is obtained by the greatest good fortune. ||3||

sPl drsnu pyKq punIq ]

safal darsan paykhat puneet.

Blessed is His Darshan; receiving it, one is purified.

prsq crn giq inrml rIiq ]

parsat charan gat nirmal reet.

Touching His Feet, one’s conduct and lifestyle become pure.

Bytq sMig rwm gun rvy ]

bhaytat sang raam gun ravay.

Abiding in His Company, one chants the Lord’s Praise,

pwrbRhm kI drgh gvy ]

paarbarahm kee dargeh gavay.

and reaches the Court of the Supreme Lord God.

suin kir bcn krn AwGwny ]

sun kar bachan karan aaghaanay.

Listening to His Teachings, one’s ears are satisfied.

min sMqoKu Awqm pqIAwny ]

man santokh aatam patee-aanay.

The mind is contented, and the soul is fulfilled.

pUrw guru AK´E jw kw mMqR ]

pooraa gur akh-ya-o jaa kaa mantar.

The Guru is perfect; His Teachings are everlasting.

AMimRq idRsit pyKY hoie sMq ]

amrit darisat paykhai ho-ay sant.

Beholding His Ambrosial Glance, one becomes saintly.

gux ibAMq kImiq nhI pwie ]

gun bi-ant keemat nahee paa-ay.

Endless are His virtuous qualities; His worth cannot be appraised.

nwnk ijsu BwvY iqsu ley imlwie ]4]

naanak jis bhaavai tis la-ay milaa-ay. ||4||

O Nanak, one who pleases Him is united with Him. ||4||


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