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Sukhmani Sahib

Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 20 Pauree 7-8-The Sikh Prayers


Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 20 Pauree 7-8

pRB bKsMd dIn dieAwl ]

parabh bakhsand deen da-i-aal.

God, the Forgiving Lord, is kind to the poor.

 Bgiq vCl sdw ikrpwl ]

bhagat vachhal sadaa kirpaal.

He loves His devotees, and He is always merciful to them.

 AnwQ nwQ goibMd gupwl ]

anaath naath gobind gupaal.

The Patron of the patronless, the Lord of the Universe, the Sustainer of the world,

 srb Gtw krq pRiqpwl ]

sarab ghataa karat partipaal.

the Nourisher of all beings.

 Awid purK kwrx krqwr ]

aad purakh kaaran kartaar.

The Primal Being, the Creator of the Creation.

 Bgq jnw ky pRwn ADwr ]

bhagat janaa kay paraan aDhaar.

The Support of the breath of life of His devotees.

 jo jo jpY su hoie punIq ]

jo jo japai so ho-ay puneet.

Whoever meditates on Him is sanctified,

 Bgiq Bwie lwvY mn hIq ]

bhagat bhaa-ay laavai man heet.

focusing the mind in loving devotional worship.

 hm inrgunIAwr nIc Ajwn ]

ham nirgunee-aar neech ajaan.

I am unworthy, lowly and ignorant.

 nwnk qumrI srin purK Bgvwn ]7]

naanak tumree saran purakh bhagvaan. ||7||

Nanak has entered Your Sanctuary, O Supreme Lord God. ||7||

 srb bYkuMT mukiq moK pwey ]

sarab baikunth mukat mokh paa-ay.

Everything is obtained: the heavens, liberation and deliverance,

 eyk inmK hir ky gun gwey ]

ayk nimakh har kay gun gaa-ay.

if one sings the Lord’s Glories, even for an instant.

 Aink rwj Bog bifAweI ]

anik raaj bhog badi-aa-ee.

So many realms of power, pleasures and great glories,

 hir ky nwm kI kQw min BweI ]

har kay naam kee kathaa man bhaa-ee.

come to one whose mind is pleased with the Sermon of the Lord’s Name.

 bhu Bojn kwpr sMgIq ]

baho bhojan kaapar sangeet.

Abundant foods, clothes and music

 rsnw jpqI hir hir nIq ]

rasnaa japtee har har neet.

come to one whose tongue continually chants the Lord’s Name, Har, Har.

 BlI su krnI soBw DnvMq ]

bhalee so karnee sobhaa Dhanvant.

His actions are good, he is glorious and wealthy;

 ihrdY bsy pUrn gur mMq ]

hirdai basay pooran gur mant.

the Mantra of the Perfect Guru dwells within his heart.

 swDsMig pRB dyhu invws ]

saaDhsang parabh dayh nivaas.

O God, grant me a home in the Company of the Holy.

 srb sUK nwnk prgws ]8]20]

sarab sookh naanak pargaas. ||8||20||

All pleasures, O Nanak, are so revealed. ||8||20||


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