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Sukhmani Sahib

Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 24 Pauree 3-4-The Sikh Prayers


Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 24 Pauree 3-4

auqm slok swD ky bcn ]

utam salok saaDh kay bachan.

The most sublime hymns are the Words of the Holy.

 AmulIk lwl eyih rqn ]

amuleek laal ayhi ratan.

These are priceless rubies and gems.

 sunq kmwvq hoq auDwr ]

sunat kamaavat hot uDhaar.

One who listens and acts on them is saved.

 Awip qrY lokh insqwr ]

aap tarai lokah nistaar.

He himself swims across, and saves others as well.

 sPl jIvnu sPlu qw kw sMgu ]

safal jeevan safal taa kaa sang.

His life is prosperous, and his company is fruitful;

 jw kY min lwgw hir rMgu ]

jaa kai man laagaa har rang.

his mind is imbued with the love of the Lord.

 jY jY sbdu Anwhdu vwjY ]

jai jai sabad anaahad vaajai.

Hail, hail to him, for whom the sound current of the Shabad vibrates.

 suin suin And kry pRBu gwjY ]

sun sun anad karay parabh gaajai.

Hearing it again and again, he is in bliss, proclaiming God’s Praises.

 pRgty gupwl mhWq kY mwQy ]

pargatay gupaal mahaaNt kai maathay.

The Lord radiates from the foreheads of the Holy.

 nwnk auDry iqn kY swQy ]3]

naanak uDhray tin kai saathay. ||3||

Nanak is saved in their company. ||3||

 srin jogu suin srnI Awey ]

saran jog sun sarnee aa-ay.

Hearing that He can give Sanctuary, I have come seeking His Sanctuary.

 kir ikrpw pRB Awp imlwey ]

kar kirpaa parabh aap milaa-ay.

Bestowing His Mercy, God has blended me with Himself.

 imit gey bYr Bey sB ryn ]

mit ga-ay bair bha-ay sabh rayn.

Hatred is gone, and I have become the dust of all.

 AMimRq nwmu swDsMig lYn ]

amrit naam saaDhsang lain.

I have received the Ambrosial Naam in the Company of the Holy.

 supRsMn Bey gurdyv ]

suparsan bha-ay gurdayv.

The Divine Guru is perfectly pleased;

 pUrn hoeI syvk kI syv ]

pooran ho-ee sayvak kee sayv.

the service of His servant has been rewarded.

 Awl jMjwl ibkwr qy rhqy ]

aal janjaal bikaar tay rahtay.

I have been released from worldly entanglements and corruption,

 rwm nwm suin rsnw khqy ]

raam naam sun rasnaa kahtay.

hearing the Lord’s Name and chanting it with my tongue.

 kir pRswdu dieAw pRiB DwrI ]

kar parsaad da-i-aa parabh Dhaaree.

By His Grace, God has bestowed His Mercy.

 nwnk inbhI Kyp hmwrI ]4]

naanak nibhee khayp hamaaree. ||4||

O Nanak, my merchandise has arrived save and sound. ||4||


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