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Sukhmani Sahib

Sukhmani Sahib-The Sikh Prayers


Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 03 Pauree 5-6

 cwir pdwrQ jy ko mwgY ]

chaar padaarath jay ko maagai.

One who prays for the four cardinal blessings

 swD jnw kI syvw lwgY ]

saaDh janaa kee sayvaa laagai.

should commit himself to the service of the Saints.

 jy ko Awpunw dUKu imtwvY ]

jay ko aapunaa dookh mitaavai.

If you wish to erase your sorrows,

 hir hir nwmu irdY sd gwvY ]

har har naam ridai sad gaavai.

sing the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, within your heart.

 jy ko ApunI soBw lorY ]

jay ko apunee sobhaa lorai.

If you long for honor for yourself,

 swDsMig ieh haumY CorY ]

saaDhsang ih ha-umai chhorai.

then renounce your ego in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

 jy ko jnm mrx qy frY ]

jay ko janam maran tay darai.

If you fear the cycle of birth and death,

 swD jnw kI srnI prY ]

saaDh janaa kee sarnee parai.

then seek the Sanctuary of the Holy.

 ijsu jn kau pRB drs ipAwsw ]

jis jan ka-o parabh daras pi-aasaa.

Those who thirst for the Blessed Vision of God’s Darshan

 nwnk qw kY bil bil jwsw ]5]

naanak taa kai bal bal jaasaa. ||5||

– Nanak is a sacrifice, a sacrifice to them. ||5||

 sgl purK mih purKu pRDwnu ]

sagal purakh meh purakh parDhaan.

Among all persons, the supreme person is the one

 swDsMig jw kw imtY AiBmwnu ]

saaDhsang jaa kaa mitai abhimaan.

who gives up his egotistical pride in the Company of the Holy.

 Awps kau jo jwxY nIcw ]

aapas ka-o jo jaanai neechaa.

One who sees himself as lowly,

 soaU gnIAY sB qy aUcw ]

so-oo ganee-ai sabh tay oochaa.

shall be accounted as the highest of all.

 jw kw mnu hoie sgl kI rInw ]

jaa kaa man ho-ay sagal kee reenaa.

One whose mind is the dust of all,

 hir hir nwmu iqin Git Git cInw ]

har har naam tin ghat ghat cheenaa.

recognizes the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, in each and every heart.

 mn Apuny qy burw imtwnw ]

man apunay tay buraa mitaanaa.

One who eradicates cruelty from within his own mind,

 pyKY sgl isRsit swjnw ]

paykhai sagal sarisat saajnaa.

looks upon all the world as his friend.

 sUK dUK jn sm idRstyqw ]

sookh dookh jan sam daristaytaa.

One who looks upon pleasure and pain as one and the same,

 nwnk pwp puMn nhI lypw ]6]

naanak paap punn nahee laypaa. ||6||

O Nanak, is not affected by sin or virtue. ||6||


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