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Sukhmani Sahib

Sukhmani Sahib-The Sikh Prayers


Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 16 Pauree 5-6

nwm ky Dwry sgly jMq ]

naam kay Dhaaray saglay jant.

The Naam is the Support of all creatures.

 nwm ky Dwry KMf bRhmMf ]

naam kay Dhaaray khand barahmand.

The Naam is the Support of the earth and solar systems.

 nwm ky Dwry isimRiq byd purwn ]

naam kay Dhaaray simrit bayd puraan.

The Naam is the Support of the Simritees, the Vedas and the Puraanas.

 nwm ky Dwry sunn igAwn iDAwn ]

naam kay Dhaaray sunan gi-aan Dhi-aan.

The Naam is the Support by which we hear of spiritual wisdom and meditation.

 nwm ky Dwry Awgws pwqwl ]

naam kay Dhaaray aagaas paataal.

The Naam is the Support of the Akaashic ethers and the nether regions.

 nwm ky Dwry sgl Awkwr ]

naam kay Dhaaray sagal aakaar.

The Naam is the Support of all bodies.

 nwm ky Dwry purIAw sB Bvn ]

naam kay Dhaaray puree-aa sabh bhavan.

The Naam is the Support of all worlds and realms.

 nwm kY sMig auDry suin sRvn ]

naam kai sang uDhray sun sarvan.

Associating with the Naam, listening to it with the ears, one is saved.

 kir ikrpw ijsu AwpnY nwim lwey ]

kar kirpaa jis aapnai naam laa-ay.

Those whom the Lord mercifully attaches to His Naam

 nwnk cauQy pd mih so jnu giq pwey ]5]

naanak cha-uthay pad meh so jan gat paa-ay. ||5||

– O Nanak, in the fourth state, those humble servants attain salvation. ||5||

 rUpu siq jw kw siq AsQwnu ]

roop sat jaa kaa sat asthaan.

His form is true, and true is His place.

 purKu siq kyvl prDwnu ]

purakh sat kayval parDhaan.

His personality is true – He alone is supreme.

 krqUiq siq siq jw kI bwxI ]

kartoot sat sat jaa kee banee.

His acts are true, and true is His Word.

 siq purK sB mwih smwxI ]

sat purakh sabh maahi samaanee.

The True Lord is permeating all.

 siq krmu jw kI rcnw siq ]

sat karam jaa kee rachnaa sat.

True are His actions; His creation is true.

 mUlu siq siq auqpiq ]

mool sat sat utpat.

His root is true, and true is what originates from it.

 siq krxI inrml inrmlI ]

sat karnee nirmal nirmalee.

True is His lifestyle, the purest of the pure.

 ijsih buJwey iqsih sB BlI ]

jisahi bujhaa-ay tiseh sabh bhalee.

All goes well for those who know Him.

 siq nwmu pRB kw suKdweI ]

sat naam parabh kaa sukhdaa-ee.

The True Name of God is the Giver of peace.

 ibsÍwsu siq nwnk gur qy pweI ]6]

bisvaas sat naanak gur tay paa-ee. ||6||

Nanak has obtained true faith from the Guru. ||6||


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